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Folks-- I am huge ginger fan. GInger did a lot of work in the industry over the last year...including two classics for NA. I'm not sure how much work she is doing these days...it seems she is no longer with LA direct. I certainly hope that she stays in the biz...but is doing some escorting these days...




I found this to stay up to date:http://www.myspace.com/gingerleafanclub


It is not her site, but seems to be approved by her.

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Please for the love of God bring this woman back she is so hot i swear to God i cant stop looking at her. She hasnt had a SBC or DOM scene ever or even an ADD scene my chicken dance damn she is so hot.



***MOVED By TikiGod***

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I want to see Ginger again on NA, preferably as described in kyricxxx's






on the bottom, bent over the table



More Ginger Please:cool:

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If they do bring her back I would like to see her on a different site. HW1on1 would be good, nice pov bj.


Yes, I love her. She does a great scene too! H1on1, NA, SBC, MFHM, MFST...any site! Bring her back please!!!!

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I've been a fan of hers for a while...her best work, I think was with Sergio in Neighbors series.


It wold be cool to see her again.


Here are three sites I like to visit:


For more on Ginger:


go to Myspace:




The guy who runs this knows her as a model from Wisconsin where she is from. I think. He seems to be a good friend of hers--the dude is a photographer. Nice guy, will share photos and the like. She was a straight model for years--not that I am complaining about her now... Drop him a line if you like the page--he is a good fellow. , he keeps it super up to date. I can't remember her modeling name...(ie real name)...


I found this. I would imagine the photographer from myspace took some of these, but that is only a guess.






She also has her own new wesbsite:




It is sexy, but kinda sad.

Yet, the sad thing is that has photos of films that she wasn't even in (box covers)--I think they are Ginger Lee...the young blond. Three of those movies she isn't even in. Whoever is running this is clueless. The site is bascially a big ad for her "escorting." If that is your thing, you'll love it. Links to reviews of her evenings with the gentleman.


I've been disappointed with her work recently--she seems bored. She was not like that in the NA days.


Just one man's opinion.


P.S. She doesn't do anal anymore--she did in her earliest work, but no more. I read that somewhere.

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hey Ginger just emailed me asking for the lisa ann contact. laura can i pass the email onto you so you can talk about possible bookings ?


I'm just here to help !!! xoxox

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