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"Top Rated" listing for favorites/later not working or missing?

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*Edit: After looking into it a little further, I'm going to assume this filter option is not supposed to be available.

When viewing "My Favorites" directly here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/feed/my-favorites - it lists an option to switch between Most Recent and Top Rated.  Selecting top rated doesn't do anything.  They are still listed in order of how recent they were added.  However when viewing the same list here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/account/favorites/all/scenes - the option doesn't even appear. 

So I'm going to assume that it's not even supposed to be there.  Having said that, I would love an option to filter my favorite videos by my ratings.

I was going to ask the same about the "Watch Later" list located here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/feed/watch-later - While it also allows you to select "Top Rated" as a filter option, it doesn't really seem to do so.  It does change them, unlike the favorites list, but it just seems like a random mix-up.  I'll have videos as high as a 4.5 average on my last page and some as low as 3's on my first. 

The watch later list isn't that big a deal, but I would prefer to go through said list by highest rated onward.

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