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4K VR title downloads failing

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Hi Everyone

Im currently having issues downloading 4K vr content.

when I joined the site a file was taking around 3 minutes. H have a 300mb conection.

recently, having tried all browsers, having plenty of HD space, the downloads are taking sometimes hours. even using the alt sites.

other sites I am also subscribed to have no issue on speed at all.

I have also tried normal no VR titles and the same issue exsits.

the down loads very often dont complete with a failed to download. almost as the the web page logs me out..

they cannot be resumed either.

its been days now since i can reliably download anything.

support has been told. but im not actually getting anywhere.

any help would be awesome

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I've also been experiencing some relaiability/speed/completion issues with same/comparable connection speed.


I've tried using the mirrors, while possibly less fast they seem to work as a back up, at least currently.

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i have the same problems trying to download wiyh internet download manager and most of the times when it takes too long disconects and than ask me for login i write my user name and password and nothing happens

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