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Tiffany Watson

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I noticed NA had 2 scenes with beautiful Tiffany Watson in june 2017. But frankly I just can't get enough of this sexy gem. Her beauty, the tonnes of fresh energy & great smiles she brings to her scenes, her naughtyness, and her rather generous way with excellent creampie & anal performances.

Also since entering the biz, I think she's spent quite a few hours at the gym. At least it looks that way, with the result that she's now looking more beautiful than ever IMO. Like a true super sexy gem!

So far I don't think we've been rewarded with a display of her creampie skills her on NA, though she's done anal at least twice previously on Na. Thus I would particularly like to have a creampie scene with Tiff. But besides of that just any new scene with Tiff is welcum. Be it creampie, anal or just plain, ordinary facial, cum on stomach etc. scenes.


TiffanyWatson.jpg pic.php?f=TiffanyWatson&show=full&img=IM

pic.php?f=TiffanyWatson&show=full&img=IM pic.php?f=TiffanyWatson&show=full&img=IM


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