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Sydney Cole

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Strangely I didn't find any previous topic specially dedicated to Sydney Cole in here when searching for it.

Being a top performer for several years now, I guess she's familiar to most of you by now.

Don't know if she handles bookings herself through sydneycolexxx@gmail.com, or if she's still on the books of East Coast Talents https://eastcoasttalents.com/site/talent/sydney-cole/.

East Coast Talents at least continues to feature her as available on their talent rooster, but I have noted that she was somewhat pissed with the company on Twitter a while back. Or rather some other girls also on the roster of East Coast Talents pinching some of her stuff during a shoot (for the 2nd time).

Anyway, would love to watch some new scenes on NA with lovely Sydney. Either without or with creampie.

sydney-cole-001.jpg  sydney-cole-004.jpg

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Bump! She's even been experimenting with anal lately, which I guess maybe will make some more of you interested.

I've always liked her for the amount of creampie scenes she's put on + her great looks and performance off course.

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