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I would like to know why Naughty America has decided to stop shooting Aaliyah. She is the only reason I rejoined after my membership expired in early 2014. And I rejoined quickly in 2015 to keep getting her scenes. Now she has disappeared. even scenes she has shot haven't been released. Is there a reason you don't shoot her any more. While I truly adore many other women you shoot, Aaliyah is what brought me back and kept me here. Really hoping you reconsider the decision to stop using her. My membership expires soon, and shooting Aaliyah is a big factor if I return. I know 1 person doesn't matter in the overall picture, but I guess it's my only way to show my unhappiness with this situation.

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I seriously doubt that anyone has gone and decided that they aren't going to shoot her anymore. Sometimes women just go a while between scenes. Jennifer White had a scene on Friday for the first time in almost 2 years, and she'd been active that entire time. Six months isn't really that long.


And I say that as someone who would love to see more Aaliyah scenes.


Edit: And since it turns out she doesn't have a request thread, I'm turning this into one.







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maybe Aaliyah and India Summer playing teachers where, Aaliyah is more strict with her students whereas India is not. India shows her the ropes in how to grade students .. maybe vice-versa too, Aaliyah could teach India too :P


Aaliyah has wanted to work with India for a while .. 

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