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Kimberly Brix

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Kimberly Brix is an insanely hot redhead tiny tit girl IMO.
Small tits yes, but hot indeed!
She's signed with Motley models, http://motleymodels.com/ so I haven't got a pic of her from there.
Her twitter account: https://twitter.com/pdx_softlips.
Have linked a few pics below from her Twitter page (if that's allowed? If not remove them)



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Compliance reasons

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Ok. There were a few nude pictures in there on her Twitter account too, but those were watermarked with logos from other sites, so I guess those were off limits, with regards to publishing in here too.

On the other hand her Twitter "avatar" is quite nude, so I put that one in.

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Good to see you finaly got a scene on with her. And even though it didn't display Kimberly's dick riding agility to the full at that IMO. With her twerking & quite fast paced dick riding style, she's the perfect choice IMO for a scene with a guy that don't mind laying on his back, relaxing, and enjoying it to the full, as she rides on his cock in a determined style.

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