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This forum does have a few rules, and it makes life easier when people follow them...


1) Do not link to another website with the location of that model unless it is a talent agency or a personal website.


2) Competitors websites are to be non linked. You will recieve a temporary ban if this is not followed.


3) BEFORE posting a request use the SEARCH function to see if the request has already been made. If so post in that thread.


4) You are required to post a pic or a link to a pic and contact information for the model you request. The pic is not to be in a password protected area, those will be deleted by admins / moderators. If you have an email address for that model, include that in your post.


5) There is a maximum of 2 request per week. If you have a scene idea / site you wish to see said talent, feel free to add that as well. Be aware that your request for scene / site might not be doable / honored.


6) Be RESPECTFUL with your comments on talent that does not meet with your approval, a simple "no thank you" is preferred to an attack on their looks / performance. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is allowed. Give examples.


7) Posting a request is just that, a request, it is not a guarantee that they will be hired.


8) It can take from 4 to 8 weeks from when a scene is shot for it to be posted. HOWEVER, some scenes ARE SAVED for LONGER times at the SOLE discretion of NA Management.


This is one of the only sites that has this capability of talking right to the person who schedules / books the talent we so love here on NA, so it behooves us all to make things work as well as we can.

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