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Found 20 results

  1. I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, but for the last 4-6 weeks worth of VR releases only a small handful I've actually been able to upload to my iPhone 7. It's really frustrating paying for a monthly membership primarily for the VR content only for the newest scenes to not even work with my iPhone. I'll download the Smartphone versions of these scenes, connect my iPhone to my PC, open up iTunes, add the videos to my library, but they cannot be sent to my iPhone 7 because apparently the iPhone can't play them. I wouldn't think an iPhone would be too outdated of a model to support the Smartphone versions of your scenes and as I said it don't happen with all of them, just certain ones. For example, you normally release 3 videos a week. One week 2 of them will work and 1 won't, another week only 1 will work, and in another week none of them will work. I'd like an answer because I'm seriously thinking about canceling my membership because I simply don't have access to the content that am I wanting the most out of my membership.
  2. What happened with the new rig? the clarity is a little bit better but i feel like i'm 1000 feet away from the girl at any given time. This completely ruins why most people watch VR, the immersion. if its not possible to shoot close-ups with the new rig me and 95% of everyone else would prefer you go back to the old one. it feels you guys were just starting to get the angles and lighting completely down and you just go and throw a wrench in it
  3. Jberd

    Ebony VR Requests

    I have been DYING for some high quality, ebony VR from NA. The selection of girls is great but does not seem to be very diverse. I wanted to start a thread for everyone who has ebony requests for VR. There is so much talent out there. I'll start with a few names and look for images/agencies at a later time. Osa Lovely, Moriah Mills, Brittany White, Sarah Banks, Jenna J Foxx, Nia Nacci, Channel Heart, Anya Ivy, Nicole Bexley, Aaliyah Hadid, Aaliyah Grey, Jasmine Webb, Nadia Jay, Jezabel Vessir The list goes on and on. There are so many STUNNING ebony actresses that I've been patiently waiting to see in VR.
  4. Jberd

    Alexis Texas VR

    Surprisingly there is very little POV content out there with Alexis Texas. She is sooooo sexy. If I could see her twerking that magnificent ass on a dick in VR it would be a dream come true. She can be booked now with LA Direct. Let's get her before she's gone!! http://www.ladirectmodels.com/model.php?n=AlexisTexas
  5. The close up missionary in the new abella danger scene is great. that position should be in more VR videos it was much too short in the nadya nabakov scene
  6. Just like anyone into 2D videos should try VR, anyone into VR should try interactive VR video play. Anyone like VR knows the primary advantage of VR is it feels so immersed, so real. You feel the characters in the videos are just in front of you. The only thing that is missing? The sense of touch. This void can be filled by an interactive toy that is synchronized with the VR videos. The best interactive toy? To me, no doubt it's the Fleshlight Launch. In order to play, you need to have a script file that was created to control the Fleshlight Launch. Currently, www.advancedvrsync.com has 24 scripts created for NaughtyAmericaVR. Those scripts are all in the best quality. The movements of the toy are so smoothly synchronized, it creates a unbelievable illusion that you are having real contact with the character. Believe me, it's really mind-blowing.
  7. Enjoying the VR naughty america offers, lately some updates haven't been as good with models that are preferred but like some of the models on Big Tits from what I can see though there's only a few videos, is it actually worth buying or should I hold off and wait for better VR updates
  8. The VR scenes on NA are becoming a real hit or miss by a long shot! I would much rather have "Quality" over quantity and I'm sure I'm not the only person who agrees with this. Many of the new VR scenes have god awful camera work and are not immersive at all. The PSE scene with Angela white and some of the earlier scenes with Nicole Aniston were a major hallmark in my opinion due to the positioning of the camera's and overall picture quality of the scene. Many of the new VR scenes look grainy and have terrible camera positioning. The scenes with Ava Addams/Rachel starr - MIa Malkova/Nina Elle were also good simply from how the camera was angled. Can somebody please contact the director of NA VR to improve the picture quality and camera positions...
  9. trying to download old scenes and add the _180_sbs to some of the old scenes like with rachele roxx or kagney as a nurse etc. and since the format is rounded I cannot watch the scene appropriately, I was wondering if this would be updated so these scenes work on all VR systems or if not will new scenes for some of the old girls be done. Would like to see Jasmine Jae, Amia Miley, Rachel Roxx, nicolette shea, Madison Ivy, Marsha May, Madison Scott, or even try to get Mia Khalifa back haha
  10. trying to download old scenes and add the _180_sbs to some of the old scenes like with rachele roxx or kagney as a nurse etc. and since the format is rounded I cannot watch the scene appropriately, I was wondering if this would be updated so these scenes work on all VR systems or if not will new scenes for some of the old girls be done. Would like to see Jasmine Jae, Amia Miley, Rachel Roxx, nicolette shea, Madison Ivy, Marsha May, Madison Scott, or even try to get Mia Khalifa back haha
  11. My internet isn't strong enough to stream the 1440p60 video to my GearVR without buffering. Any chance I could drop the resolution or frame rate by a bit?
  12. www.advancedvrsync.com Advanced VR Sync currently provides the largest collection of interactive VR video scripts for Fleshlight Launch. The script files are created with the cutting-edge video moving object tracking technologies to ensure near-perfect synchronization. The website offers best quality full-length interactive scripts for VR videos for major sites including Naughty America VR. The company currently has full support for Android system. The support for other systems are coming. Once you tried interactive VR, you will regret you have not done it earlier! The game is changing! Believe me. Jason
  13. Hi I just signed up and having issues downloading, I have less than average internet and only get around 800kb download on a good day, VR titles take a long time to download so I use downthemall plugin for mozilla to que up movies, this has worked for every other VR site, and im normally able to download a few movies a night (only one at a time) problem is your site logs me out after a certain time, and I get 401 errors. sometimes I cant even get one movie and it stops halfway, if i login again the file doesn't resume. pretty frustrating as I also have download limits..
  14. An idea for an incredibly hot scene. I find myself tied to a bed in a hotel room wearing only my shorts, after a birthday night out with friends. In walks a call girl. "Hi, I'm your birthday present. You have great friends!" "I know you're a virgin, but don't worry, we won't actually have sex. Just have some fun together. Is that okay?" She removes her sheer bodysuit seductively. She straddles me, leans in to kiss me, then pulls herself back along my body. She plays with my cock a little, then slides up and down my shaft, her pussy lips wrapping my cock. After a while she pulls my cock upright and moves it around the outside of her pussy. Then puts the head of my cock between her pussy lips, letting go with her hands... Then with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, she descends, engulfing my cock completely. "Oops! I guess you're not a virgin any more" She grinds slowly, getting faster and more intense. Eventually we climax together and she collapses onto my chest in ecstacy. She kisses me then whispers "I'm so glad I was your first!" In walk 2 more naked girls. "I hope you don't mind, I invited some friends" Things get very steamy as I have lost my virginity and inhibitions. Each one rides me, then they sit in a line on the edge of the bed as I do each of them again. My favourite models would be Lana Rhodes, Peta Jensen, April O'Neil, but would need to be medium/large tits. No anal please. Please! This would make my year
  15. Hi All, Thankfully, my girlfriend would like to have me go down on here while she watches VR porn and she will return the favour, but... it seems like there aren't any titles (Or have I missed them) that have a vagina when you look down. It kinda ruins the moment when my lady friend looks down and sees a gigantic cock where it shouldn't be. I of course look down and see abs that I only wish for, but that's ok. Lesbian VR porn please !
  16. I have both WankzVR and NA VR, but the big difference is WankzVR makes the user feel like he's part of experience by doing things like female actress comes up close, kissing, making out, whisper in ears, hands on chest, hands over shoulder (so u basically see their wrist). This not only makes the experience more intimate (like girlfriend experience) but also makes the user feel more interactive. The Nicole Aniston one on July 4th is a great start, but needs a little bit longer duration kissing( like from 5 seconds to 10 seconds MAX making out, otherwise you will get dizzy due to the near sight vision distortion). So I feel like this is a easy aspect to improve that can increase user's experience by 10 fold. I mean the reason people get VR is to get that personal experience, otherwise why not watching regular 2-D porn. And most regular 2-D porn start even with some kissing and touching in the beginning and then sprinkle over the length of the movie. Because how else are you gonna stand out from POVs, essentially same but 180 degrees. But quality so far is fantastic. Keep up the good work and improve this part and it will be much better!
  17. hoopsc

    Virtual reality satin fetish

    So many vr videos out now but not one gives the viewer a satin fetish dream. Would love to see a stepmom with stepdaughter scene where both of the actresses come into the viewers room wearing shiny satin nighties,satin panties,stockings and suspenders with high heels seducing the viewer. The satin nighties never come off but they both pull the cups down but with the straps still on their shoulders so we can see their tits bouncing as they ride the viewers cock but all the time whilst wearing the satin. Favourite girls for me would be Kendra lust and Alex grey as both of their vr scenes have been amazing. Satin grinding,satin handjob,satin cock teasing,satin cum,dirty talk,taboo theme,and lots of eye contact. Please,please consider this type of scene and I will be a member for life
  18. It would be amazing if you could get one of your models to do a footjob blowjob combo the way Madison Ivy does it in this scene in VR mode. I would just die!!!
  19. "Hookers" - A New Virtual Porn Experience! Coming 9/10/2015
  20. http://media.naughtyamerica.com/be-the-plumber-new-virtual-porn-experience