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  1. An idea for an incredibly hot scene. I find myself tied to a bed in a hotel room wearing only my shorts, after a birthday night out with friends. In walks a call girl. "Hi, I'm your birthday present. You have great friends!" "I know you're a virgin, but don't worry, we won't actually have sex. Just have some fun together. Is that okay?" She removes her sheer bodysuit seductively. She straddles me, leans in to kiss me, then pulls herself back along my body. She plays with my cock a little, then slides up and down my shaft, her pussy lips wrapping my cock. After a while she pulls my cock upright and moves it around the outside of her pussy. Then puts the head of my cock between her pussy lips, letting go with her hands... Then with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, she descends, engulfing my cock completely. "Oops! I guess you're not a virgin any more" She grinds slowly, getting faster and more intense. Eventually we climax together and she collapses onto my chest in ecstacy. She kisses me then whispers "I'm so glad I was your first!" In walk 2 more naked girls. "I hope you don't mind, I invited some friends" Things get very steamy as I have lost my virginity and inhibitions. Each one rides me, then they sit in a line on the edge of the bed as I do each of them again. My favourite models would be Lana Rhodes, Peta Jensen, April O'Neil, but would need to be medium/large tits. No anal please. Please! This would make my year