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  1. Boy howdy....some dudes out there must have taken Estrogen injections. I just got done reading the comments section for one one of today's scenes and Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch moan bitch moan Bitch. The main complaint is that because 3 of the scenes are older scenes from the Premium sites....we are "only getting 10 new scenes" and 3 recycled scenes. Nit picky at best. If those of us who were not paying for the premium sites and I assume that is a majority of us....then those scenes were never seen by us and in effect are new scenes. Lets be honest. Just because a scene is loaded as "an update" who is to say if that content is 100% new or if it has been sitting in a vault 6 months or so? Jesus if some of these numb nuts want to whine about that...come to the fucking forum....don't start a "whine fest" in the comments section. Andreas and Lauren even responded to a few of these Albert Einsteins but it just seemed like an exercise in futility to me.