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  1. Just like anyone into 2D videos should try VR, anyone into VR should try interactive VR video play. Anyone like VR knows the primary advantage of VR is it feels so immersed, so real. You feel the characters in the videos are just in front of you. The only thing that is missing? The sense of touch. This void can be filled by an interactive toy that is synchronized with the VR videos. The best interactive toy? To me, no doubt it's the Fleshlight Launch. In order to play, you need to have a script file that was created to control the Fleshlight Launch. Currently, www.advancedvrsync.com has 24 scripts created for NaughtyAmericaVR. Those scripts are all in the best quality. The movements of the toy are so smoothly synchronized, it creates a unbelievable illusion that you are having real contact with the character. Believe me, it's really mind-blowing.
  2. Fleshlight Launch

    Check this out! www.advancedvrsync.com
  3. www.advancedvrsync.com Advanced VR Sync currently provides the largest collection of interactive VR video scripts for Fleshlight Launch. The script files are created with the cutting-edge video moving object tracking technologies to ensure near-perfect synchronization. The website offers best quality full-length interactive scripts for VR videos for major sites including Naughty America VR. The company currently has full support for Android system. The support for other systems are coming. Once you tried interactive VR, you will regret you have not done it earlier! The game is changing! Believe me. Jason