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  1. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    I can't disagree with that, they are awesome.
  2. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    I suppose that could be it, I've checked with Epoch and says nothing about renewal. Maybe it's because I signed up for Season 1 a while back and so they just charged me a flat one-time fee. It sucks that others have recurring unless cancelled, so I agree that's a bit much. Other VR sites have sub-sites but they usually update at least once a week, not once a month, if we're lucky. I will say though some of the scenes are great, Angela White, Natasha Nice, Ella Knox and Victoria June being my favs.

    I suppose, but most people consume VR content of any kind for the POV, for the feeling of being there and part of the action so to speak, but I guess so long as it wasn't at the expense of the traditional VR pov experience, full non-pov wouldn't bother me, so long as they're appropriately labeled, so I know what scenes to avoid.
  4. Dissapointing VR scenes

    So, it looks like it's here to stay, which sucks because pretty much everyone I ask on other VR porn forums thinks these intros suck.

    I know not many people on these forums care for VR content but I generally like watching NA's VR content even if it is usually without my Gear headset, but I can't help but take a dislike to a growing trend of non-pov intros, especially the most recent example in the Jade Nile/ Zoey Monroe/ Moka Mora, scene I was really looking forward to this one but the intro is a jarring non-pov mess that serves no purpose other than to fill the first 5 minutes, which could have been better spent on more one on one time with the awesome Zoey. Then after a good solid 20 minutes or so with Zoey it hard cuts to a non-pov bit lasting more than ten minutes, any foreplay, oral and orgy stuff could have easily been done in POV, other sites have proven as much. It really seems like you're at times producing VR content from 2D content mindset only to realise after 5-10 minutes that you're actually producing 3D VR content that most VR fans would prefer to be in POV.
  6. Would you like more VR stuff?

    I like NA, but I don't think I can agree with them being the best, they've produced some of my favourite VR scenes but I rarely watch them on my Gear because they just look weird, the angles almost always seem off and recently many of the scenes have had crap intros, either non-pov stuff wherein the male and female talent are just chatting, adding nothing to the overall scene and breaks immersion right off the bat, a black screen for about 5 minutes with some whispering (dig the whispering, not the black screen) or a wierd intro where the guy/us aren't even present. The most recent scene had all these issues for me, uncomfortable angles, a non-pov intro wherein we're not present but instead another dude who isn't our stand-in, then a couple of minutes wherein our stand-in is present just not in POV then about 20 minutes in the scene gets interrupted non-pov orgy stuff that could've been done in POV, other sites have managed it fine. I was looking forward to this scene, especially because I hadn't seen Jade Nile in a scene for ages, I really like Zoey Monroe, especially in her recent anal VR scene on this site and Moka Mora had a great scene over on WankzVR and is quickly becoming one of my favs. Anyway, despite that, I do actually enjoy watching their VR content in 2D, on my desktop, without my Gear, using the GoPro VR Player that they recommend. As for content I more consistently enjoy watching using my headset, my go-to is WankzVR.
  7. Big Tits in VR hoax?

    Recurring charge? I've downloaded each of the three scenes from "Season 2" as they've been released but I don't recall being charged beyond my original charge.
  8. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Exactly and they did it again with Adriana's new scene, 10 minutes of a 45-minute scene, normally I'd just skip through it if I was watching on a desktop but with a VR headset strapped to my face it's fucking awkward. I don't know why they've started doing it either over 200 scenes and they decided this would be a new gimmick worth trying, why?
  9. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    So does anyone know what happened to Keisha's and Natasha's scenes on Big Tits in VR? I can't find them on the site.
  10. UPDATES!

    So I noticed a new scene has been released on Big Tits in VR but for some reason, I can't find Keisha's scene or Natasha's scene. What happened to them? How do I go about finding them?
  11. UPDATES!

    In the upcoming scenes, it says 18th January, that's almost 2 weeks away, so does that mean those of us who enjoy the VR content won't be getting our Friday release.
  12. UPDATES!

    Thanks for the heads up. I take it the problem had something to do with the left/right output for headsets or something? Anyway, it's good to see they give a shit.
  13. UPDATES!

    So what happened to Zoey Monroe's VR scene?
  14. I take it this is why they took the scene down because I can't find it.
  15. Dissapointing VR scenes

    I tend to enjoy NA's VR content but I hope the "non-pov" thing they've done in recent videos doesn't stay long.