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  1. The Anti-SLAPP motion by Benz's attorney was successful in the case above. In a more recent case involving a Naughty Canada Director, Benz's attorney had an Anti-SLAPP motion denied by the judge. Benz's attorney will appeal the judge's decision. Defamation Suit Against Nikki Benz Can Proceed LOS ANGELES — Ruling that a defamation suit against Nikki Benz has the merit to proceed, a Los Angeles judge yesterday denied the adult performer’s SLAPP motion against director Tony T and her motion to strike punitive damages. Read More: https://www.xbiz.com/news/221553/defamation-suit-against-nikki-benz-can-proceed California’s Anti-SLAPP Law and Related State Statutes: https://www.casp.net/california-anti-slapp-first-amendment-law-resources/statutes/ California Anti-Slapp Project: https://www.casp.net - Defamation, Libel and Slander are not considered free speech to be protected by the law. However, the law is designed to protect free speech from frivolous allegations of defamation, libel, slander .... https://www.casp.net/sued-for-freedom-of-speech-california/is-my-defamation-libel-slander-internet-speech-lawsuit-a-slapp/ I am 94 years old and like to watch porn. I eager to see your site. Please help me.