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  1. Apparently the Ashley Adams/Eliza Ibarra video had been delayed quite a bit. Was supposed to be released a week ago, I think, and they were having problems/errors with formatting. If this was the best they were able to achieve.... yikes, I can't imagine what it looked like before, because it looks pretty bad for what they finally uploaded. They need to do whatever they did with the Sofi Ryan video, because that's the best one that they've released so far. I wish they would go back and try again on some of these. They could, I guess, but won't, probably due to time and staff limitations. Some of the scaling could be reedited in video software, but then I'm not sure they know exactly what they're doing. A lot of trial and error, I imagine, as they're just trying to stick to a schedule of releases as best as possible. With the pressure on to get the newer releases done, no chance we're going to see any of these others fixed. I'm in the same boat as you. The only reason I'm still subscribed with all the channels nonsense that is going on, is that it hasn't affected me. I'm still getting all the content with my current subscription with no additional charges. But as I'm here mainly for the VR content, it's pushing me towards a cancellation. First there was a couple months of severely lacking quality/content in terms of models and scenarios (imo anyway). And now that they're starting to do some more interesting shoots and with better models, the new rig and/or editing of theirs is producing videos that are practically unwatchable.
  2. Yup. We spoke too soon. Two new releases today (Karla Kush and Ashley Adams/Eliza Ibarra) and they're both fucked. This really sucks, too, as they've released a lot of good shoots with some good models recently that have been completely ruined by the awful perspective. I've tried to watch them a few times, but I just wind up deleting them. Either the videos start to give me a headache or the girls just look too weird to get into.
  3. I was going to come on here to say the same. It does appear to be better. Either it's from an older shoot or they actually fixed the problem. Hopefully the ladder.
  4. Nope. The Ava Adams release looks just as bad or worse than all the other recent VR uploads. *Just finished watching the Lily Love release from today and it's more of the same.
  5. Yup, I think I'm done. Only here for the VR content and the recent shoots with the messed up angles / perspective have been terrible, like they went backwards two or three years. Did no one test the new setup before doing multiple shoots? The Ava Adams release I think looks the worst of the recent uploads. Going to check out Lily Love's release, but I'm guessing it's going to be more of the same.
  6. Well they've now missed the last two release days for new VR content. Hopefully it means they're looking into what the hell has happened with the fucked up perspective with their new rig.
  7. Yeah, been noticing issues with the shots recently. There is definitely something off in videos from the last few weeks or so. The angle/view is weird. Can't always place my finger on it, but the girls when in the center focus, they look too small/skinny. Definitely not normal. It reminds me of issues that plagued several video shoots back in 2015-16. Then there are times where if they are at the top or bottom of the camera view, they are slightly stretched. Like a bizarre, but not quite, birds-eye view. Something/someone has gone and screwed up. Which sucks, because I've really enjoyed the girls/intros/scenarios in the most recent After School videos, but yeah... they feel/look a little odd.
  8. FullFrenzy


    Ironic, because I'm here now mainly for the VR content and I've thought it has been pretty lacking for the last couple months, in terms of both models and production. Not sure where any of this is going...
  9. FullFrenzy

    Would you like more VR stuff?

    At the very least there is a huge balance issue going on. In the last 20 releases, I think 15 have been models with fake breasts/surgery work. I am also not a fan, but apparently whoever is running the show is really into it. Granted, some aren't as bad. Lana Rhoades, for example, I haven't been as critical as others on the work she had done (although she definitely didn't need it, which is a shame). But most of the models are just not that appealing, and frankly, VR makes it worse. The "Super Sluts" series has given us some good natural models (starting to feel like that's the only time we get them now), and of course being in pairs/multiples, that's been pretty good. However, like you said, it's getting really lazy and bland that it is always with the same boring outfits, in the same boring room, straight to fucking and absolutely nothing else. So for guys like you and me, it has basically been a choice between mostly fake chicks - or - an occasional natural set, but with boring scenarios.
  10. FullFrenzy

    Close Up Missionary in VR

    Every video on Wankz features this now. Hopefully NA continues to do it more often.
  11. FullFrenzy

    Channels? WTF is this all about

    The main issue I've had on a lot of third person shoots in VR is simply the way it was shot. It can be good, but a lot of times whenever it's done, it ends up being too far away from the camera. Too many 'watching' scenes have the model(s) not close enough.
  12. *Edit: After looking into it a little further, I'm going to assume this filter option is not supposed to be available. When viewing "My Favorites" directly here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/feed/my-favorites - it lists an option to switch between Most Recent and Top Rated. Selecting top rated doesn't do anything. They are still listed in order of how recent they were added. However when viewing the same list here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/account/favorites/all/scenes - the option doesn't even appear. So I'm going to assume that it's not even supposed to be there. Having said that, I would love an option to filter my favorite videos by my ratings. I was going to ask the same about the "Watch Later" list located here: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/feed/watch-later - While it also allows you to select "Top Rated" as a filter option, it doesn't really seem to do so. It does change them, unlike the favorites list, but it just seems like a random mix-up. I'll have videos as high as a 4.5 average on my last page and some as low as 3's on my first. The watch later list isn't that big a deal, but I would prefer to go through said list by highest rated onward.
  13. FullFrenzy

    Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Ironically, in the case of VR, that's actually entirely possible to do successfully. In the case of my post beyond the first line, though, the solution can be as simple as better direction on the shoots. Hell, sometimes it's the girl's fault, if they grab the hands of the male model, pulling him into it.
  14. FullFrenzy

    Would you like more VR stuff?

    Welcome to the club, OP! There's no turning back. Definitely this. I still watch 2D stuff once in awhile, but 90% of any of my viewing activity is now VR. It has almost ruined regular porn for me, outside of home video stuff. For the uninitiated, there's lots of things to bare in mind. It does make a huge difference which videos you try watching, what type of file they are, what media player you're using to watch them, how you're playing the video file with said media player, when the videos were produced, how they were produced, and whether or not you're using a full-on headset or just a phone. You also need a lot of hard drive space. To really get the most out of VR, you need the highest resolution possible, which means big files. The bigger the file, typically the better the quality and framerate is, and for the moment, bigger is better. For some videos on many sites, this has started to mean 10-15gb per video (some as big as 20)! But like said, if you can get them, it's in your best interest. It's also an expensive new medium to enjoy properly. Thankfully, I already had most of it and planned to get a headset for gaming (also awesome, btw). How good VR porn is was just an amazing bonus. You need a good computer to be able to run one of the top headsets [cost #1], the headset itself [cost #2], and then in the case of VR porn, you may have to upgrade your hard drive space [cost #3]. Aspects listed in my first paragraph have also come a long way. The industry continues to learn, evolving and perfecting the techniques for shoots, which I'm sure has been complex. Videos shot in 2015, and even some as recent as 2016, just can't hold a candle to a lot of the videos shot in 2017. Some sites' older videos are barely watchable. This can be the result of anything from the poorer resolutions, to frame drops, to the camera positions and angles. For example, on some videos in the earlier days of VR, the quality might be okay, but the cameras used or the lenses' positioning weren't always quite right, which could ruin some videos that had great potential. Then it could just be bad formatting once produced for the internet. More and more now, though, scenes are starting to look pretty good. Having said that, there's still plenty of room for making them even better, so it'll be exciting to see how they look in a year or two. I'm sure the industry runners hope that this continues to catch on, especially due to the aforementioned large file sizes almost required for VR. That means more subscribers. A lot of free porn is out there. Plenty of 2D porn that people really don't care if it's any more than 720p even. You don't have that option with VR, so much. Sure, you can get a taste and an idea from samples and free videos for VR, but the big, high resolution files is where you want to be. That means more paying customers to get it directly from the source and in full. Side note: Now that my rant is over, just my extra two cents and what surprised me about VR. I honestly hadn't even thought about some of the things that VR offers that I now love and expect: Close-up interactions, eye contact, and kissing. Yes, kissing. Who would have thought? It's changed porn for me entirely. It is also what can make or break a VR video, if the camera angles are off.
  15. FullFrenzy

    Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    For all that is holy, stop using Damon Dice in your VR videos. Naughty America is quickly becoming my least favorite VR site, with multiple scenes with great potential ruined primarily by the male models. I don't know if it's just from a bad director, the male models taking it upon themselves, or both, but it's really making me second-guess my subscription. There are plenty of other examples of this, but Damon is definitely the worst. Firstly, his dick is so damn distracting. I won't delve too much into this, since you can get over it when it's tucked away, but it does ruin most BJ and cumshot scenes. The real reason that he's the worst, though, is that he's WAY too handsy. Constantly touching the models. The moment a male starts touching/rubbing/groping/fingering in VR videos, it completely ruins the experience. VR is supposed to make it feel like WE'RE the ones present. If a male model starts talking or using his hands a whole lot, it completely ruins the immersion and takes you out of it. While he is not the only one who does it, he is definitely one of the main offenders and does it the most. There have been some great ladies that have had their VR videos completely flubbed as a result. While I still give them a shot and download the videos to see how they are, as soon as I see that it has Damon Dice is the male stand-in, I almost always know that it's going to be a soon-there-after deletion from my hard drive. At the very least, the male models need to try (or be told) to show some restraint and keep their hands off when and wherever possible. The only exceptions would be where it's absolutely necessary (holding a girl by the legs or hips to prevent her from falling or the like).