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  1. Would you like more VR stuff?

    Plex and Pigasus so you don't have to keep the files on your device.

    Are the feelme videos made in house or are they a third party?

    The toy can be easily described as a robot hand .You insert the fleshlight inside and twist to lock it in.The toy moves the fleshlight up and down along a track inside the device.There are 2 mode of operation via bluetooth commands and manual. For bluetooth control you need to connect to you phone via the app to the site/source and the toy.From there site/source give instructions to your phone which broadcasts on bluetooth and controls your device. In manual you operate side are touch pads that control the strokes speed and length. In my opinion NA has the best content out there for this device, even their demos felt more realistic than the others.The bread and butter is simulating thrusting and blowjobs. There are other movements that won't match but it will continue to stimulate you, like Insertion,Gagging, and teasing(It can't play w/ your balls so it just keeps moving) that still needs some work but the rest is seamless. The Overlapping issue w/ it is the tech it uses. Because it uses your phone as a router for the device there are times when one of the three become disconnected and stay on the same movement or stop all together .However that can be fixed by restarting/refreshing the connections.

    Is their any indication for the frequency of the feelme videos being converted/released?