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  1. Look I get that some people are into MILFs, but c'mon. VR has turned into 80% MILF scenes. If you're not into stretch marks and cellulite your options are pretty dang limited. And those few that aren't are about as vanilla and boring as you can get. Every couple of weeks used to have a threesome scene. Now NA hasn't had one since August. I can only guess that it's a cost thing, Older actresses, simpler scenes. But what you end up with is a crappier product. Hell, I'd much rather just have a once a week update if we could get some better quality. As it is I think I'm done once my subscription runs out.
  2. Fantasies and story lines

    VR offerings are great and love that im seeing you use ideas i see in the forums, but would love to see a few non-POV titles in VR. POV is wonderful, but sometimes id like a shot more up close, why not have a My best friends girl scene where you watch your bud and his girl for awhile then join in. Being closer to the action for, say a swallowing scene, would greatly improve the experience.