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  1. Fantasies and story lines

    A big breasted porn actress like Louise Jenson (http://www.theofficiallouisejenson.com) Sybil Stallone, ( http://society15.com/talent/sybil-stallone) Anastasia Lux( anastasialuxbookings@gmail.com) or someone similar with gorgeous face, big boobs and not one of the most familiar faces is preferable in this VR scene. If you have ever watch the show dinner dates where a guy or a girl get presented with 5 dinner menys made of the oposite gender and picks 3 he want to go to dinner to. My idea of a great scene start with the guy with a camera in front of him with a girl asking questions. When She asks first time he is all quit, but then she lean forward and touch his knee and says. Dont be afraid, just tell us your name, age, what you do, and what you really want in a lady. You tell them, and then they wrap it up and leavs the house. Later while he looks at porn and jerks of the phone rings, and its the crew of the show says he is in the loop and they are sending over a crew with 5 menys. While he reads them they all looks borring except one thats is sexy meny; a sexy and teasing appertizer with a pair of bowls, naked meat in a bed of greasy oil, whipped cream ready to be licked. You definitely likes that one and you pick it and just throw in to moore without looking. So, then its ready for the sexy scene. You standing outside her door with a wine and roses when she open the door. She looks stunning in a revealing dress with her boobs almost breaking out, black stockings under the dress and in black high heels. You hug, she gives you a up and down look a says I like what I see and a good laughter. She welcomes you in, and then you sit in the kitchen looks at her great legs from behind while she cooks. She looks at you and see that you looked at her legs and ask you directly in the eyes if you liked what you see. Then she turn of the oven and take your hand and says follow me. Then its a bedroom, or living room scene. She standing in from of you craving for you dick. She says I want it, I need it, give it to me. She have dark wine red nail polish and you look down on her sitting on knees in front of you starting to lick you. My wish is that she keeps her stockings and heels on the whole scene. No anal. Great?
  2. Fantasies and story lines

    My fantasy and wish for A new VR scene is for sure a stunning Sybil Stallone in perfect make up, black high stockings, black high beautiful heels which she is having on all the way thru the scene. Make her suduce the man behind the camera in a teaseful way. Maybe as a looker from the window kind of scene, as she discovers him while tryied on sexy lingerie. Make him come inside the bedroom to suck his dick, make him lick her until she is coming and then a perfect angle of her laying in bed with the heels to the seeling while he fuck her hard while she is coming again. The load should not go anywhere but the pussy/stomach. Not in face. http://society15.com/talent/sybil-stallone/
  3. VR models wishlist

    Girls wanted for Vr fun is Alura 'TNT' Jenson, Ava Addams, Alanah Rae, Amber Lynn Bach, Sara Jay, Scarlet LaVey, Mellanie Monroe if still awailable and a non NA girl yet, but should be is Anastasia Lux. All girls should be wearing black stockings, high heels and smokey eyes makes up. A long time since last good VR sceene so keeping hope here on this lovely girls. Last Sara Jay VR sceene by far the best one ever. No anal, and keep stockings and heels in the whole scene thru.