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  1. VR models wishlist

    please please pleae AMIA MILEY!!!!!
  2. Would you like more VR stuff?

    yep first sight ive ever joined. ever. and it was because they brought on the best VR talent to the scene first. now im member at many sites. NA broke my virginity. I love the direction NA is taking with putting out so many VR scenes. NA comes across all the big name stars.
  3. Anyone into VR should try this

    what does the sync do when the scene isnt doing much? i.e. like no bj, sex, etc, just talking.. ive been thinking about the purchase..

    hey i respect that man! to each his own. See how you come at it peacefully and not demeaning? the way a forum should be. I still watch 2d, and i for me its more about seeing the whole story play out, there are more angles you can do with 2d, but VR is catching up enough to where its fulfilling all those things and I get to be the character in the movie instead. but yeah man, i understand. There is nothing wrong with 2d just as there isnt with VR 3d.

    nobody was disrespectful but you and some other guys on here. I first came on here just talking how hyped I was for VR porn. you were one of the ones to start calling me names and trying to make me feel like an outcast because i liked VR porn. SO YOU WERE the problem not me. I was just talking on a forum which anyone has a right to. You want to go bash new people, thats all you, just makes you look like a dumb ass imo. i dont even know this jonmon guy other than the last 2 post he had about VR. But he seems to agree that you guys just bash on people who like VR so he decided to thrash you a new one. a little taste of your own medicine. I came in here peacefully, you were one of the guys who were not peaceful so look in the mirror before you talk. I have no reason to be aggressive to anyone on these "established forums" i know my place, im new here. I just was looking to talk about VR, which YOU dont like, so you talked down to me. you can go back through the forum and see who the aggressors were on this subject. definitely was NOT me.

    dude you are fucking gold hahahaha my point exactly with this 2d love, i mean you really want to see the guy that bad?????? im more about VR POV where you see about 20% guy and majority all hot bitches. but either way, i respect it, you like 2d. then like 2d. why you gotta go hatin on people who like VR?? come on baxter. 34 bro? and you aint about getting into new tech? but it does make sense you want to sit behind a computer and be a keyboard hater. just chill the fuck out and let people be. You must be real angry at life. cuz thats what you sound like all the time. where your friend spinach? you guys remind me of each other. sour ass cunts. @baxter83

    OH MY GOD YESSSS YESSSS AND FUCKIN YESSSSSSSSS that was the fucking GOAT of rants on these losers. you dudes go ahead and take another L, this time the L was much larger though because my boy jonmon just laid that shit on you hahahahahahhahahaahhahah bro im dead over here. as dead as their erection with the shit you said hahahahahhahahahah. all joking aside though. its you fuckers that brought that on. Couldnt just be peaceful to new members could you? want to play internet bully on NA forums like you a cool guy right? man STFU and put a pair of goggles on. enjoy the future... or just fade into the past. or better yet, keep talking shit and look like an ass, cuz nobody was even talking to you guys in the first place. Yall must be pretty fuckin sad individuals in real life. probably because you have no life.

    really guy? im a sad fuck imagining to screw woman. sounds like thats what porn fuckin is you dumb ass hahaha and you been a member for how long now? keep talking shit its all good. you little internet bullies dont phase me. You cant seem to accept others, thats fine. your ass will fade off eventually when VR takes over. oh by the way, imagining screwing a woman isnt all i got cuz my wife is hot as fuck and watches with me whos the sad fuck? take a seat and just take the L bro.

    hahahahah i love it.
  10. UPDATES!

    100% agree. All these guys talked shit to me when i was excited about VR. BUt hey, business is business. They thank you for your loyalty but they have to move in the direction the money is moving and since they were one of the first VR sites, I am pretty confident to say they probably doubled up on sales just because of VR and still growing, just because of VR. VR is the future no matter how you look at it. Its the new style of porn. Quite addicting style of porn actually where it's making 2d scenes almost obsolete. I personally only watch a 2d scene now if it's a starlet that doesnt have a VR scene, other than that Id rather be in VR pov and imagine myself screwing these beautiful woman. Some argue that 2d gives you more angles on the girl etc, but NA been killing it with the mirrors and that pretty much takes care of seeing the girl at different angles, WHILE you see yourself screwing them in POV. I said it before and ill say it again. VR porn is the future of PORN. You guys that talked shit about, im sorry you were so loyal and this is the direction they are moving in now. But when internet came out and people were like id rather read the newspaper, times eventually changed and newspapers are becoming obsolete. Gotta change with the times... the times are changing and VR porn is the new porn. We are just at the beginning too, it's only going to get better.
  11. UPDATES!

    Im loving that NA is dropping 4 VR scenes in about 8 days worth. The reason why i first paid for any site was because NA's VR content. Now NA dropping them like crazy. Love it. keep it up NA! ps. where those advanced members at that talked shit to me before about VR sucks?? looks like NA knows what the majority likes. Hope you are liking how VR is starting to take over since you were so right... pss. ^^^ i would have never even started to talk shit if you never talked shit to me first
  12. Big tits in VR. Worth it or not?

    worth it to DL whatever scenes you want from it. I cancelled after that because they dont update fast enough. They have been out for awhile but only have like 10 scenes. So i'll sub again when another big hitter like victoria june gets back on it. She was actually why i joined the first time, that was her first VR scene.
  13. Would you like more VR stuff?

    VR PORN is the shit. I never signed up for any porn sites. now im with all the VR sites. 3d VR is so much better experience than 2d porn. so immersive.
  14. Would you like more VR stuff?

  15. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    hahahahahahaha love that you get riled up over some stupid ass shit. ol internet bully lookin ass. you are so cool bro. wish i could be like you.