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  1. Hi, interesting topic, varied opinions.. As for me.. it is amazing to me, even with mediocre resolution which seems better in some videos than others, sometimes they get so close to the camera that with one hand holding on to my chair and the other holding a fleshlight.. it almost seems like I can feel them. Sometimes when they get close up to virtually kiss the camera it almost seems like I can feel their breath and almost, not quite, but almost feel their hair.. it is quite startling. And when they virtually bounce up on and down on my virtual lap.. I look up and see bouncing breasts which also seem so close and real that I almost want to reach out and grab them. Such a view really shows the beautiful shape, color and movement.. like right there in your face.. And then to look up between them and see their faces that seem so close, then look down and see them so close, with audio that sounds so real and close.. man, wow.. what a view.. To watch and experience VR like that I wear my Gear VR goggles, wear earbuds, and I'm aware of things outside my field of view with the goggles on, etc.;. I know it isn't real but it really makes makes me gasp sometimes. I really admire a beautiful woman and so I just give in to the fantasy and let my imagination take over... So, just sayin'.. as for me, it is my new favorite way to enjoy porn. And I wish there was a way to request new scenes with my favorite porn stars. But, to each their own. That isn't to say I don't enjoy a good standard porn movie and fantasy sometimes, but this new VR perspective brings it close enough for now. It will be interesting to see what the future brings as technology continues to push the limits of reality and fantasy. -Z
  2. Priya Price

    Nice picture.. I would love to see her in a VR video. Can anyone get that message to her an NA to work out a VR shoot? -Z