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    Is there no VR scene today? They're usually released Mondays and Fridays for me.
  2. Slow Download

    Same here. My connection varies from 80 Mbps to 90 Mbps but i'm lucky to download a file from NA at 500 kbps. Been this way for at least a month, if it keeps up i'll be cancelling my sub.
  3. Website/Video/file issues

    I don't know if it's just me but download speeds from the site have been terrible for the last month or two.
  4. Trying to Reactivate Subscription

    Logged out and then back in but it didn't resolve the issue. Also has "membership to www.bedrooms.naughtyamerica.com" at the top where it says how much your paying.
  5. My 1 year sub expired and i'm trying to reactivate my sub using my old login credentials. However when I try to input my old username into "order form" thing it says it's already taken. Do I need to use a different username now?
  6. Website/Video/file issues

    There's no download options on the new Lily Love VR scene. I click on "Download" the thing pops up but the vbarious download options don't appear. EDIT: Nevermind, it's working now.
  7. VR - Kissing ......

    The Alexis Fawx one is pretty good for this, pretty sure one of the Brandi Love vids has it too.
  8. VR - Kissing ......

    See now this I like. The whole whispering in the ear thing is great.
  9. VR - Kissing ......

    I'm 100% in agreement. I find myself looking away every time someone does it. I do not find a close up view of someones nose or eyelashes sexy.
  10. UPDATES!

    Are we not getting VR scenes on Mondays and Fridays anymore? I was under the impression that the scene released yesterday was to make up for the one that was missed last Monday.
  11. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Good to see Rachel Starr back for another VR scene. Love to see Rachel Roxxx do another one, it's been ages since hers and considering shes one of the VR contract stars i'd have thought we see her in another by now.
  12. UPDATES!

    Wasn't there supposed to be a VR scene released yesterday (it was yesterday for me, I live in Australia.)
  13. VR models wishlist

    I wanna see more variety. Give us some asian or african american women.
  14. who are your favorite pornstars on this site?

    Top three would be Brandi Love, Kendra Lust and Nicole Aniston
  15. Is the $9.95 discount price for just one month access or does it continue at that price until you unsubscribe?