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  1. Apart from the tech support thread nobody from NA has posted on the forum for quite a while. Nobody from Naughty America is willing to respond to things.
  2. deathofcards01

    Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

    If you buy a Porsche you don't get charged 50k for the chassis and are then expected to pay extra for every other component.
  3. deathofcards01

    VR models wishlist

    That was posted in 2015
  4. deathofcards01

    This is a business model?!

    There are 10,000 scenes on the site 120 is very, very limited. On other sites those scenes would be available with a basic membership. Aniston has 69 videos on this site under the older membership you would have access to all of them.
  5. deathofcards01

    What the hell happened?

    I'm starting to wonder if this is Springtime for Naughty America
  6. deathofcards01

    Leah Gotti

    You might be waiting sometime for that as This was posted two years ago
  7. deathofcards01


    There was a scene they teased on twitter which if I recall has never been released.
  8. deathofcards01


    The remastered scenes would be less problematic if members had a say in what is being remastered and if they were released alongside new material.
  9. deathofcards01


    But we get new content daily. They could at least remaster Beau Marie's scene.
  10. deathofcards01


    Yeah, there might be daily content if that is a remaster that isn't new content. There also isn't any choice involved in what NA remasters either.
  11. deathofcards01


    A criticism in that regard is that nobody knows what the content is until it is released.
  12. deathofcards01

    Dissapointing VR scenes

    In the industry the M clearly stands for mature and whether they have experienced childbirth is apparently optional in terms of that description.
  13. deathofcards01

    Membership Pricing

    On a similar point before the recent Christiana Cinn scene the last non-VR anal scene was in February.
  14. deathofcards01

    New Member - Content Availability

    I think content which is over a certain age should just always be available. The content on some of the sites is 15 years old. NA would be making people pay extra to download Crystal Ray's Naughty Bookworms scene?
  15. deathofcards01

    Membership Pricing

    New releases which members are not advised what they are until they are available and also only available for a limited amount of time.