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  1. Is My Wife is My Pornstar dead?

    Just for the record, I cancelled my membership explicitly because they stopped MWMP
  2. Can they please Bring MWMP Back?

    Yeah or some Peta Jensen
  3. Muslim/Hijab

    I think the key issue is doing something like this without making the entire theme racial/religious warfare. Military rape culture is a serious issue, and the world certainly doesn't need more bigoted clashofcivilizationsesque propogandizations of war rape than it already has. And yes Isis does this kind of shit. But last I checked, what terrorists do isn't the best source/example of what aught to be done. If this can be done without it being a revivalist colonial rape fantasy in which one party is seen as backwards and barbarian while the other is the epitome of masculinity and modernity, and the porn is about people and not peoples, I see no issue. If you have no problem with dehumanizing an entire swath of the world in such a way, I encourage you to just read victorian erotic literature. If instead, you've progressed past that time, continue reading below. Eg. If the same series had stuff in which men of arab/muslim background did the same thing with women of other cultures, and the series wasn't about the domination of one group over another, It would be fundamentally less racist. Oh and if your first thought there was that discrimination and dehumanization of a group is more ok if it's based on religion rather than race you missed the point of the civil rights movement. xoxo
  4. Is My Wife is My Pornstar dead?

    On another note, they should make a "your wife is my pornstar" would also be quite fun.
  5. Is My Wife is My Pornstar dead?

    I loved that series. They should bring it back.
  6. Megan Rain

    There should be a MWMP Scene with her and Mia Malkova.
  7. Peta Jensen

    I would loooooove if she could do a mwmp series
  8. Aristotle, I used the terms on an geoethnic rather than national basis given that british people, australians, irish people, latino people etc seem to have no trouble shooting in the US regardless of wheter they are in fact american or not While obviously I am referring to people who can speak english (the language of the audience) it is relevant to ask what incentives might bring more people of these other ethnicities the opportunity to shoot. Just a thought. Now that would be a fun Exercise in economics.
  9. Yeah but like given the sheer number of Indian and Chinese guys in the world, just based on stats i'm sure there are a sizable amount capable guys that want to.
  10. I recently watched a JohnOliver video on Youtube about Hollywood whitewashing. It was funny, and there was a serious point. I started to think after about porn as I watch porn often. So I wonder, Why do you believe there seems to be so much more diversity in the demographic makeup of female pornstars than male pornstars?