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  1. I mourned him almost ten years ago. This was just burying a body.
  2. Majority of rape cases are he said/she said. Court usually sides with she said.
  3. Does NA limit download speeds?

    Probably up to monitor quality as well. I just have a midgrade 1080 native res. The bitrate it has might not matter unless you're on higher end tech. Wish they had a halfsize 1080p DL for those of us that want 1080 but aren't bleeding edge hardware. I'm watching it for image clarity, not trying to push tech. btw are you mods on NA payroll or senior forum users that volunteer services?
  4. Does NA limit download speeds?

    What's the difference in eye perception, though? 1080 from another site and 1080 from NA doesn't look different to me. I compared properties as well and indeed you're right, the bitrate for NA HD is double this other site, but everything else is identical and I can't notice a difference to justify the doubled file size. Not trying to be a dick, this is the greatest porn site I've ever been on, as far as quality of performer selection goes.
  5. Does NA limit download speeds?

    Why are their 1080 videos so large? Other sites 30min is about 1.5gb. Here it's 2.5 - 3. Kind of ridiculous. I'm having to settle for 720p because otherwise there goes my bandwidth. Is it the audio quality? Because I only care about visual. Audio can be 128 mp3 level, I don't need uncompressed, if that's where the extra gig is coming from. Not sure what else could be making the huge gap. Here for high def tits and ass, audio isn't like I'm listening to some classical masterpiece where every range of EQ matters so really doesn't need to be treated as such.
  6. Mrs Creampie

    If you click the "buy now" button on the splash page, does it really instantly charge your CC with no further requests? I've almost clicked it by accident a few times, seems kind of predatory.
  7. I know it says "unlimited downloading" but do they limit how fast you can download each file? Also, any limit on # of simultaneous downloads?
  8. Ankle socks

    Agree with OP 100%. I feel the same when they're wearing sexy footwear and the camera stays fully zoomed on one part of them for an entire position. What a waste. I like watching their feet dangle and play as they're getting fucked.