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  1. Website/Video/file issues

    I downloaded the new Jessa Rhodes scene today (480p) and the scene audio is choppy. At first I though it might be my phone, but the NA intro has no audio issues. I'll check the 1080p version when I get home to see if the issue persists. Edit: this only happens until the 5:45 mark in the video.
  2. samsung VR help

    When I rename the files, I always keep the end of the file name (something like 180x180_3DH). Then, like Aristotle said, Samsung VR will automatically choose the right mode to be in.
  3. samsung VR help

    Samsung phones are actually 2560 x 1440, so each eye is seeing 1280 x 1440. I'm not sure in which direction they scan/draw each frame, but still it's a decent resolution. I think any of the noticeable pixelation comes from the distance between the users eyes and the screen in conjunction with the lenses Gear VR uses. That said, I wouldn't anticipate any VR porn out there to look any better, and I think that for the purposes of VR, the resolution is more than sufficient. I just hope that OP isn't having a different issue and missing out on the full experience.
  4. samsung VR help

    When you say "regular Samsung VR video player", which do you mean? I'm using a Note 5 with Gear VR and don't have any problems. Have you tried any other VR content from other sites to see if the picture is still blurry? The resolution on an S6 Edge is 1440p, and because the screen is so close to your eyes, you won't have a perfectly crisp picture. From my experience, it's plenty tolerable.
  5. New Site Feedback

    I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, or even cares for that matter, but the recorded live shows (Live Gym Cam, Live Party Girl, etc.) don't even exist on the new site. If you find them on the old site then change the layout to the new version, you get a 404 Page Not Found error. Maybe this is just because it's still under testing.
  6. Where'd all the creampies go?

    I'm glad they released it, but I still can't imagine re-subbing after the new year. There's no sense in spending money on a site that doesn't regularly have what I like. I'll probably do a month here or there if I see something nice in the future, or at least to catch up on VR releases, but there's a lot of sites out there I've never checked out that have plenty to offer.
  7. Where'd all the creampies go?

    My annual sub lasts through the new year. I figure I might as well get the VR content until then. Maybe I'll sub for a month or two next fall depending if anything goes comes out .

    Say it ain't so! This is the worst news I've read in a long time...
  9. Where'd all the creampies go?

    Another drought. 7 weeks without a creampie scene is torture.
  10. UPDATES!

    Seeing Karla Kush on that list sure brightened my day! Thanks NA!
  11. UPDATES!

    NA shoots in Vegas? I thought everything was done in southern California. I guess that's not as long of a trip to do for an audition.
  12. UPDATES!

    Mia Malkova in a MCP update?? She seems a bit young, but damn it, now I have to consider a MCP sub. You people at NA sure know how to twist my arm into giving you more money...
  13. UPDATES!

    A new Gwen Stark scene tomorrow?! Awesome. Anyone know if this means she's back shooting scenes?
  14. Where'd all the creampies go?

    My original complaint was that there were none for over a month. I don't see why they couldn't shoot scenes for the genres you listed and have some of them end with a creampie. It's not about being catered to as much as I want to be. I'd just like to see a more evenly distribution of the various types of cumshots. That's why in my last post, I was curious if it was a decision by the models, the directors, or something else. Your suggestion is appreciated. Maybe I should check out some other sites for a few months and let NA build up a stockpile of good scenes to justify another year subscription.
  15. Where'd all the creampies go?

    Finally a creampie update! Go figure it's the creampie queen herself, Nicole Aniston. Are actresses just not up for it like they used to or is it a directors choice? I have about two months left on my annual sub and I can't imagine I'd want to renew it if they're going to only post one a month.