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  1. Cphor9

    Website/Video/file issues

    This scene with Katrina Jade should have been tagged w/ "creampie" and "cum on pussy" rather than "cum on ass", w/regards to how it finishes: https://members.naughtyamerica.com/scene/katrina-jade-24103? I think god o'le Johnny leaves a good creampie load in Katrina's pussy, before he pulls out here.
  2. Cphor9


    If N/A did VR/3D in the same way they do at Teenmegaworld, where they also offer a 2D versions of their VR scenes that can be played w/o any plug in / add on driver software, I think this 2D vs. VR thing on N/A would have been a much less controversial issue.
  3. Cphor9

    Website/Video/file issues

    Nor are the HD 480 P or HD 720 P download options for that matter. 5 Gb for the 4K version I find a bit excessive for downloading. But that's me.
  4. Cphor9


    Won't deliberate more on this one, other than that was undue harsh & not particularly well thought out posting it in the 1st place. Sorry!
  5. Cphor9

    Marley Brinx

    From what I've seen elsewhere, she appears to have both creampie and anal on her menu, and for those of us who aren't all focused just on looks, but who also appreciates performers for their willingnes to go beyond facial finishes, she definitely is someting to watch.
  6. Cphor9

    Kimmy Granger

    Is that thing with Chad White still on? To me it appears like there's released new scenes with her at about the same rate as before, but with now new creampie scenes for about a year or so.
  7. Cphor9


    Delete this one. Agree with aristotlealexander (moderator) on undue harsness of this posting.
  8. Cphor9


    Well, the flu may not have had all that much of an impact. On the other hand there seems to be a problem with a recent spread of ringworm among performers in the biz, that do appear to affect performers. Not only spreading directly from p to p, but also through contact w/ contaminated bedsheets, furniture etc. At least it's a topic being aired by some rather concerned performers in their tweets over the last 3-4 months or so.
  9. Cphor9


    Note that a lot of folks complaining about numbers lately. I've never thought along those lines. The main thing for me through the years have allways been that I get scenes w/performers I like, like Austin Kincaid, Emma Starr, Bobbi Starr, Sydney Cole, Ashley Adams, Mia Malkova, Nicole Aniston etc. Would be interesting to know how the "AVN-flu" has affected shooting schedules here and there lately though. Andy Rye at least looked rather hard hit by it. Though how an "epidemic" like that should affect the numbers of releases now, when it can take at least 6 months from shoot to release, is somewhat beyond me. Anyway, for those hung up on big boobs it looks like a rather good upcuming week.
  10. Cphor9

    Sydney Cole

  11. Cphor9


    Makes me rather curious about the average age of viewers that want to watch porn with women in their 40's & 50's . Is it like viewers also in their 40's & 50's, or viewers that are 60+, or viewers from 18-30?
  12. Cphor9


    With due respect sir, facial, cum in mouth or cum on tits is run of the mill porn stuff, while creampie and anal are "extra service" by comparison. And since it's probably her last shoot, why complain about her willingness to give her goodbye scene that little extra touch? And besides her VR-scene of 12/15/17 ended with "cum on tits". And, as a comparison, even though anal isn't my favorite nice in porn by far, I wouldn't exactly say that Whitney Westgate "ruined it for me", when she took farewell from porn with her one and only (so far) anal scene on Tushy. I would rather call it quitting w/style.
  13. Cphor9

    Where'd all the creampies go?

    A little "accidental" creampie from Johnny Sins into the pussy of Alexis Fawx, in their latest scene on MGBF of December 30, 2017?? At least to me it appears like Johnny pulls out a bit late, leaving a little load of his cum in her pussy, before dumping the rest on her stomach.
  14. Cphor9

    Website/Video/file issues

    With regards to the latest scene w/Alexis Fawx & Johnny Sins of December 30, 2017, I do think you can put in a creampie tag as well, as Johnny pulls out so late he does leave a quite visible little load of cum in the pussy off Alexis, before he dumps the rest of his cumload on her stomach and on her face.
  15. Cphor9

    Where'd all the creampies go?

    Yet between 80-90% of scenes ends with a facial vs. a cum on ass, cum on stomach or creampie for that matter. As for the creampie scenes track record of NA, it's way better than what you find over at Brazzers, Bangbros and Reality kings. At least for the last 2 years. And it suites me fine! And I hope it stays that way!