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    My yearly membership expired on Jan 1. Had been a member, usually on a yearly membership, for many years. AWOL only for a few days between membership renewals. I decided to wait to see what the updates would be like and if my favorite would return in more scenes. Glad I decided to wait, probably won't renew. Absolutely no interest in VR, remasters are take it or leave it, almost all leave it. And TNGF gets a 1 month membership when there are 4 or 5 scenes I want to see. Haven't had that membership in over a year now. When I first joined there were 13/14 updates a week from Monday to Friday, nothing Saturday and Sunday. Now that they're down to 7 regular updates a week, don't think I'm coming back. Looks like they are putting all efforts into VR. Good-bye
  2. Aaliyah Love

    I LOVE Aaliyah. Wish she would be brought back soon.
  3. Tonights Girlfriend Suggestions

    Know she has 2 scenes up, but I would LOVE to see another with my favorite Aaliyah Love
  4. Aaliyah Love

    Since Aaliyah was a teacher at one time, I think a MFST scene is in order
  5. Aaliyah Love

    I would love to see Aaliyah featured regularly too.
  6. Aaliyah Love

    It's been a couple of months, need my Aaliyah fix. Any site will do for me, but would love a MFST scene if possible.
  7. Dream Threesome Combos

    Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille Aaliyah Love and Julia Ann Aaliyah Love and Marie McCray Aaliyah Love and Abigail Mac
  8. Aaliyah Love

    Love all of Aaliyah's scenes. Need to see more from #MySweetheart. Please.

    Loved Aaliyah's Naughty Office scene. Can't wait to see more of her on Naughty America. She loves shooting for you.
  10. UPDATES!

    I can't wait for Aaliyah Love's scene tomorrow. For many reasons.
  11. Aaliyah Love

    Has a scene shot recently, waiting for a release. But LOVE to see her brought back for more NA scenes.. Hope for a MFST one.
  12. UPDATES!

    Was excited to see Audrey Bitoni's scene. And when I came here this morning, I see it's VR. Oh well maybe next time, if there is a next time.
  13. UPDATES!

    Thank-you for today's update with Aaliyah Love. Been waiting for some updates featuring her. Hoping you release the other scenes she has shot for you.
  14. Aaliyah Love

    Has at least 2 scenes that won't be released
  15. Website/Video/file issues

    I was a long time member, just waiting to rejoin and I don't know if this only me with this problem. When on the home page, and clicking on I Agree, Enter Naughty America, to see updates when not listed in the forum for updates, all I get is a blank screen. Nothing comes up. To see anything I click on Member's Login. Once on that page I click on scenes to see what's new.