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    For what I've seen there are viewers of literally any age who are into mature women. You will find viewers in all age range you've mentioned. Actually when I was just twelve year old I wanted to fuck a couple of my teachers (they were in their early fifties), and it was the same for many of my schoolmates. But I'm not sure about the average age.

    the crowd who likes the niche of milfs want to see women who are in their forties or fifties... if a girl is in her twenty there isn't any age fetish involved so no need to call her milf.

    I agree, but still the idea behind is correct. It does not have any sense to call a girl in her 20s (and to me even in her 30s, especially early 30s) a milf. That's prickish too, because that's like saying that a girl of that age is old. Ageism at its finest.

    Yasmin is 23 also according to IAFD and Freeones. And she could look one or two years older (I don't think so, but that's not the point) but a cougar scene should require a woman in her forties or older. As the meme says "a milf if a sexy mom over 40. If you're in your 20s, you're not a milf, you're just a bitch with a baby". Yasmin does not have anything wrong, but if Naughty America (that defines itself as a milf site) hires a girl so young to play the role of a cougar with a guy even older than her when there are TONS of hot women perfect for the role, there's someone in the milf site that doesn't understand absolutely nothing about milf/cougar fantasies. It's like calling interracial a scene with two white performers, or saying there's anal in a scene with no anal.

    I haven't seen the new scene with Yasmin Scott with Peter Green but a facepalm is not enough. "Seduced by a cougar"? Really? Yasmin is a young girl born in 1994, Peter in 1993 he's older than her! A cougar should be a mature woman 20, 30 years older than the guy!

    Personally I don't have any problem with that but sure, you're right. I simply think it's strange that I've seen this argument a lot of times actually referred to guys like Jordi while in years and years I've very rarely seen this argument for girls even younger than them (Jordi is 23 btw), and we're talking about very few guys (if we talk about straight porn) vs thousand and thousand of girls.

    man are you aware that the most popular genre in the world is teen and that every year tons of eighteen year old girls (and guys, in gay porn) do porn or cam?

    Julia and Syren are fortunately very active, I don't know about the others. Big fan of Darla in particular (and Emma too), I hope to see her at Naughty america soon.

    I don't like tats and piercings, but it's getting very hard to find women in porn (not just milfs) without a tattoo. I would definitely prefer otherwise, but what can we do. About women being bigger than the male performer... well if there's a genre where it's fitting it's the milf genre that is supposed to be about a young guy and a much older woman (the term milf was used in american pie by teenagers who wanted to fuck the mother of one of their friends) so i don't have any issue with that. I quite like it actually. What I don't like particularly is the wrestling style used by certain women like Phoenix Marie with Jordi el nino polla... I wonder if someone likes that. I don't.
  10. UPDATES!

    Can I ask how old is Ricky Spanish? It's good to see that finally Naughty America has a new young guy for milf scenes. I hope to see him a lot in the next future.
  11. Dream Threesome Combos

    it's great to see there's a new guy who is perfect for milf scenes so: Alex D with Sexy Vanessa and Deauxma especially this one but also Alex D with Julia Ann and Darla Crane Alex D with Shay Fox and Veronica Avluv Alex D with Amber Lynn and Diamond Jackson and combinations of those performers
  12. I love real, hot mature women: Sexy Vanessa Deauxma my two all time NA favorites also: Darla Crane Julia Ann Janet Mason Diamon Jackson (altough there's a mistery about the real age of Diamond, some sites report she's born in 1966, others in 1981) Erica Lauren Nina Hartley of the younger girls Riley Reid is definitely my favorite.
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      Onestly after reading that I don't get what I've done wrong, even if I see that my thread about Vanessa is disappeared. Can I ask what was the problem?

  13. Shayla Laveaux

    I can't wait for it!
  14. My Friends Hot Mom is dead.

    I posted a thread yesterday that for some reason has been deleted. I didn't see this one but I really can't understand why it's been removed.