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  1. Over the years, Naughtyamerica has finally improved their 1080p and 4k videos. Now Naughtyamerica one of the best 4k video quality on the internet second to PerfectGonzo. Any chance Naughtyamerica can offer super high resolution photosets in the 22 megapixel range? maybe some remasters ones? 21sextury and cherrypimp offers 22 megapixel quality photo since 2011. Are there other adult porn websites (not nudes like met art), that offer 22 megapixel photos? I know NaughtyAmerica offered some super high resolution pics in the past. How can you tell which ones are super high resolution without testing thousands of links?
  2. 4k videos

    PerfectGonzo sample http://blog.perfectgonzo.com/perfectgonzo-and-the-skinny-on-4k/ http://trailers.perfectgonzo.com/4k/helena_valentine4k.mp4 the best 4k video
  3. 4k videos

    PerfectGonzo 4k has an average bit rate of 49 Mbps; this is the best I have seen. When PerfectGonzo released their 1080p videos a few years, it was the best with an average bit rate of 12 Mbps while Naughtyamerica was releasing it at 8 Mbps and Brazzers at 12 Mbps. What are some of the others websites average bit rates? DorcelClub bit rate????
  4. 4k videos

    The PerfectGonzo 4k videos have an average bitrate of 45 Mbps vs Naughtyamerica 20 Mbps. The files are huge; It takes up 17 Gigbites for one 4k videos. Some technical information: Format : MPEG-4 Codec ID : M4V File size : 16.2 GiB Duration : 46mn 49s Overall bit rate : 49.6 Mbps Encoded date : UTC 2015-12-11 19:35:43 Tagged date : UTC 2015-12-11 19:57:08 Vs Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID : mp42 File size : 4.82 GiB Duration : 29mn 49s Overall bit rate : 23.1 Mbps Encoded date : UTC 2015-12-31 21:20:11 Tagged date : UTC 2015-12-31 21:22:25 I rather have quality over quantity. I know it may not be feasible now for NaughtyAmerica to offer higher quality video. It is understandable.
  5. 4k videos

    It is great that Naughtyamerica offers 4k videos. Any chance for an increase in bitrates? PerfectGonzo has a nice 45 mbit 4k video sampe. It looks a lot better with increase bitrates. http://blog.perfectgonzo.com/perfectgonzo-and-the-skinny-on-4k/
  6. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Homido player is free. It works for VR. FYI, Google youtube has some 8k videos. You can put 4 x 4k monitors for 8k resolution although you might hate the bezels.
  7. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    After using viewing some VR scenes from virtualrealporn.com and naughtyamerica.com, I prefer 4k or 8K videos over VR. Here is an interesting post concerning VR. Now as to VR technology being the future of porn than the answer is hell no and here is why. 1-The current use for VR is in computer games where games already offer a 360° view of the action. This is especially true in FPS (First Person Shooter) games. The major advantage with a VR headset is that you don't have to move the mouse to look in various directions but simply move your head. That can add a lot of options to game makers. 2-That's why VR is perfect for computer games because your character already lives is a 360° virtual world. It's just that you only see where the mouse is pointing but with VR you can see everything just by moving your head. 3-The reason why VR is not a good idea for any live show or movie is that the world you see on screen is not 360° since only about 180° of the action can be seen. TV shows and movies are shot on sets where the camera is limited to only a small percentage of the actual set or the viewer will see that it's not real and there goes the illusion the filmmaker went to all the trouble of creating. Would anyone have been impressed with the Star wars opening if at some point the camera had panned so far out that you saw that the ships were models being filmed on a small set? 4-The only movie where I think you could have had a VR headset and it would have added something to the scene is in the final battle sequence for the recent Doom movie where your character is in the First Person mode. Of course the reason that would work is because you are basically watching someone else play a video game. 5-Now let's say for argument sake that the porn scene is shot in 360° and you can use a VR headset to watch it. Who will be watching anything other than the two or more people having sex? I can't imagine too many people looking at the walls or the ceiling while the performers are having sex. Maybe one day we will have the ability to watch a porn scene from any angle. Then I could see the advantage for a VR headset but we are far from that kind of technology. The Oculus Rift and porn pat362 adultdvdtalk
  8. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    Are there any test files for iphone or android etc? I could not find any here. http://media.naughtyamerica.com/naughty-america-virtual-porn-is-here http://virtualrealporn.com/ has some nice test files
  9. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    @Shyt4brains Thanks Could people tell me their naughtyamerica VR experiences? Is it worth it?
  10. Naughty America VR (virtual reality)

    i have an iphone 6+ What do I need to get started?
  11. Girls I think NA should shoot

    @ChristianXXX Could you add some 4k content? Besides Naughtyamerica, the other high bitrate video website for 4k is WoodmancastingX, but they only have a few videos. ATKgalleria has some low bitrate videos.
  12. Image Sizes

    The bigger the image sets, the better it is. 2500x1666 is worse then 4k video 3820x2160. I would expect images to at least exceed the video quality.
  13. Speaking from experience, if you are in the M.D./Ph.D program, your medical school/graduate tuition is waiver, and the candidate receives a stipend. Thus, Hanna Kern aka Elizabeth Raine does not need the money to pay for her professional/graduate school. Mostly likely, since she is 28 years of age, she is finishing up her medical degree requirements, and she is about to graduate soon.
  14. Naughty America 4K

    It looks like NaughtyAmerica 4k has upgraded their 4k video encoding from Main Profile to High Profile; the videos look much better. Thanks The next step would be HEVC or h.265 which Netflix plans to do when they release the next season of House of Cards on February 14. 2014, HEVC is tricky though. Very few computers will be able to process or decode HEVC now. For now, I am happy with NaughtyAmerican 4k 28 Mbps High Profile encoded videos.
  15. Naughty America 4K

    One of the reason, I joined 21sextury.com and Magiksex.com is that they offer the highest hardcore picture sets. Some of their newer picture sets are available in 24 Megapixels. Other softcore and hardcore adult websites that offer 12-80 megapixel picture sets includes Met-art.com , Hegre-art.com (80 megapixels), X-art.com , and Sexart.com