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    Dear God now we know why they were slow in listing updates if this ragbag schedule is the best they can do. 4 MFHG updates!!!!! if I wanted this much teen content Team Skeet do it so much better.They must have a second unit working around the clock churning out MFHG updates. I thought in the last few weeks they had raised their game with some great milf updates culminating in today's Julia Ann scene, but they gone back to their lazy chuck out 15 teen scenes a week rubbish.

    Just had a quick 5 minute trawl of the agencies and available at the moment Alura Jenson , Alyssa Lynn , Cherie Deville, Olivia Austin, Syren de Mer, Julia Ann, Bridgette B, Mercedes Carrera, Nina Elle, Jessica Jaymes, Blake Morgan, India Summer ,Reagan Foxx a few to being go on with!!!
  3. DVD

    Have NA stopped releasing dvd's? as there have been no new releases for a while.

    Oh believe me after a long time membership I left a while ago, but like an abusive relationship I keep hoping they will change. Take a look back over the early pages of this thread and look at the quality of content and girls we used to get then,These days every week is the same .The fact is that NA has been in decline for some time and frankly it looks a very cheap looking operation these days.Take a look at some of the performers scenes on here ,then look at the same girls scenes on Brazzers and there is no comparison, Great sites like MFST have been culled(suppose NA did'nt want to spend money on a desk and blackboard) and they do seem to have gone down the younger girl route as did Reality Kings and what a shitty site that has become. I belive that NA are putting all their eggs in the VR market .which I think is folly. VR will never replace video as the mainstream way to view porn. as at the end of the day you are jerking off to a porn movie headset or not.So by all means keep telling people who do not toe the party line to piss off and leave and you are just giving NA the licence to keep being lazy and not listening to customers views, and when more and more people take their money and leave NA will take the hit. Hope that is a bit more reasoned for you.

    Ah NA's favoirate attack dog, now if you are a good boy and play dead, and then sit up and beg Lauren will give you a biscuit!!!

    Hi folks Nicole can't be here at the moment, after months of being used as a human shield by NA by passing off what is supposed to be a schedule, she is taking time off to consider her options. Don't worry though I have this weeks schedule The usual 15 MSHF updates My first friend(in which girls are fucked at school) Seduced by a friend(in which a guy is seduced by a girl who is definatley not a milf) Naughty Bookfriends(girls discuss their favoirate novels) My busty friends busty friend asian friends 1 on 1(in which 2 asian girls discuss aspects of their friendship) American Daydreans(in which NA members reminisce about the days when NA had a diverse range of output and good selection of girls,before waking up and realising they fell asleep in front of another MSHF update) No MILFS Please(in which Julia Ann Kendra Lust Cherie Deville Darla Crane etc are told they are no longer welcome on the site as they don't fit the demographic anymore) Finally a new site My Sisters Hot Friend, which will cope with the overspill of updates from the main MSHF site. Happy viewing folks.

    This line up is a perfect example of how poor NA is these days, in the past NA had a good selection of girls and ages,but this week no MFHM MFST NO and yet another load of MSHF updates.NA seem to have gone down the road of younger girls now and holding back the real talent fo VR.Sorry to bring up their name but take a look at the variety of output from Brazzers, which does make NA look like an amateur operation.I think the case in the last year is that more money is being spent on the VR side of production and the main site is getting sloppy seconds. I speak as someone who was always loyal to NA and enjoyed their output for many years,but in recent times the quality of their output has declined markedly and is no longer a go to site for me,I hope in the future they pull themselves together and get back to being the best at what they did, as when your impersonaters start doing the job better than you its time for a rethink.

    perhaps nobody wants to put their name to the poor fare served up over the last couple of weeks. The morphing of NA into Reality kings is nearly complete.

    I'm just grateful it is a MFST scene and not another bleeding MFHG update!!!!
  10. Humble pie

    I am going to eat a large slice of this, in the past year I have had a good moan about how one of the best sites on NA, MFST was being run down.However in the past couple of months the updates have been fantastic and the upcoming Tegan James scene looks like it is going to continue this trend.Keep up the good work NA, now pass me the custerd and I'll get on with this pie!!!!!
  11. UPDATES!

    Are you feeling alright NA, a MFST update!!!!!!! you are spoiling us. Are you sure you don't want to change it to my teacher;s hot sister or my teacher's dad's girlfriends hot next door busty neighbor. However thank you for the update and I look forward to the next one sometime in 2017
  12. UPDATES!

    A MFST update 2 weeks running!!!!! you are spoiling us NA, I hope that this is not going to affect our weekly 16 MFHG updates.
  13. UPDATES!

    So with the latest MFST scene we are again being fobbed off with a naughty bookworms scene as you can't be arsed to film a decent scene, pains me to say it but after many years of membership the last few weeks output shows me that NA is no longer the goto site for me.