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  1. I've said this before, they did something years ago with the Tier 1 and Tier 2. It failed and it switched back. Hopefully they'll correct this terrible change. It will definitely cost them a TON of business. Definitely won't be getting any new members or returning members with this price structure. Too many options and much cheaper.
  2. I haven't seen 1 person that other than Andreas that like this new pricing option.
  3. Ynot

    New releases blocked?

    Lots of new forum members.
  4. Ynot

    So Andreas.

    LMAO.....We need a sarcasm font. In case some people misunderstand you ;)
  5. Ynot

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    What's he gonna say? You can't argue with the numbers...On top of that, you can get many of those sites at an extremely reduced cost if you sign up for a year. This is just such an odd way to approach a pricing structure. Especially with all the free porn you can get out there. I know NA has a better product than most, but sometimes price and value trump quality. Those sites mentioned are all decent sites. Extreme high value there.
  6. Ynot

    Membership Pricing

    Muffinman, you seem pretty down in the dumps about this new membership pricing. The forums have seen an increase in chatter as of late b/c of this. I don't know any other major sites that charge as NA does. I could be wrong as I don't go looking for content on a daily basis, but I'm a little surprised at the route that NA is taking. So basically, Muffinman, I am agreeing with your staff. mark it down maybe the 1st and only time Hope you are well
  7. Ynot

    MFHM x3, Sneak Peek!

    I see the new pricing structure isn't too popular here.
  8. All this stuff is CRAZY. hard to know what is true and what is lies
  9. Artie Long time buddy! How the hell is it going? Glad to see you around. Sad article. Poor ladies
  10. Ynot

    Hey Andreas.

    Were you around when they tried to split the sites up into 2 tiers? This reminds me of that a lot. They got a shit ton of blow back from that. I don't think that lasted very long. I wonder how this will work out.
  11. Ynot

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    If the experimentation doesn't work, they'll change it. They realize when they make mistakes and fix them.
  12. Ynot

    Hey Andreas.

    LMAO. You know he might not have seen this. Give the man a chance to see it and respond. He's been fairly active lately. He'll see this.
  13. Ynot

    April 2nd changes to Naughty America

    This is not explained well at all. It needs to be explained better. No one understands what is going on with the membership
  14. Hey there! how are you? It's been so long since I've talked to you. Hope you are doing well! Stay in touch. We miss you!
  15. Ynot

    login prob

    Did your membership expire? You should message tech support and if that doesn't work drop Lauren an email
  16. With today's social media, the smart play is to keep it to yourself who you will and won't work with. I'm in no way excusing the people that bullied her, just in a general rule people should follow. Just like it wouldn't be smart to say "I won't do interracial".
  17. I didn't respond b/c Matty is a clown. he's our clown. but a clown none the less.
  18. Why do I remember your name but as a trouble maker?
  19. It is what it is. I agree that's it is a bad marketing decision. Playboy customers aren't like the type that would appreciate a Tranny in the magazine. That's just my guess.
  20. What are the odds that 2 Mods share the same birthday? LMAO. Happy Birthday to you buddy
  21. LMAO....He posted a few hours early Thanks Artie
  22. Griff, Lay off insulting of people's families. That's not cool. Other than that carry on.
  23. Good for you Artie! Anytime the Cowboys lose, it's a good day!
  24. Hey Friend, You are the 1 trash talking Akron. I'm asking the hard questions that need to be answered.