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  1. I'd be honored to be your best man Artie! You've grown on me over the years like a fungus.
  2. I believe Artie has one of these. And when they have decent sex robots, I think Artie will marry one of them. Artie, please invite me to your Robot wedding.
  3. Oh Tiktak. all sorts of fun in the forums lately
  4. Artie as grown on me. I kinda like him now.
  5. It's Big Al! What the fuck is going on buddy? It's been a long time. Don't mind Artie, he's not as weird as he seems.
  6. The forum is such a small small small sample size. I can't imagine that anyone else is happy about this. I wonder what the customer # is since the change?
  7. Ynot

    Site is A complete rip off

    How is it a spam message?
  8. LOL. I have no idea what they are doing. Crazy. And no one is here answering. Guess they don't feel they owe their customer and explanation. Which is fine. they shouldn't be surprised when their memberships start going down. The longer this goes the harder it will be to come back from.
  9. NA Staff seemed to disappear. Not even commenting. Someone should at least respond to the angry people. Defend their position.
  10. Sorry about the Cavaliers. I only caught the last game. I root for Clippers and Lakers and get interested if they are in it near the end of the season. LeBron should focus on his game: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/17/politics/lebron-james-laura-ingraham-kevin-durant/index.html

    1. Ynot


      Cavs were not that good this season.  Lebron carried them on his back.  He's not enough to defeat Golden State.  Losing that 1st game was the series.  they had it and were screwed out of it.  1st by the refs and then by stupid JR Smith.  Oh well.  Hopefully Lebron stays.  If not, we finally got our championship.  

    2. BadArtie


      Lakers signed LeBron. Time for me to jump on the Lakers bandwagon!

  11. Ynot

    Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

    but you do get charged for add-ons...Basic Car. Then price goes up as you add more.
  12. People with just go to the free sites. It will kill these companies. Watch.
  13. Ynot

    Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

    LMAO....Buying a Porsche isn't bait and switch though. You know what to expect when you walk into a Porsche dealership. (What new Porsche is only 50K?).... This is completely different. It would be like walking into a steak place, seeing a picture of a 12 oz filet mignon for 9.99. Order the 9.99 steak and they bring you out a 2 oz hamburger