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  1. On behalf of myself and veterans everywhere, you're very welcome. Make the most of life.
  2. You're not kidding, I finished it in 6 hours. I still get down on Xbox live though and do the Tier 1 campaign, funny though. Arr playing MoH Limited Edition, I find myself doing better in CoD MW2 Live.
  3. Monopolies are everywhere, I still want substance though.
  4. I really really hate Philadelphia, the city of UNbrotherly love. C'mon Dodgers, time to make a historic comeback!
  5. OMFGitsTheBee

    Why your day is AWESOME

    I saw this girl I was dating at work(she became a bit conceited and selfish, so I dumped her), she gave me the third degree and then told me she was watching that video of the DEA Agent who shot himself in the foot and wished it was me and that since she didn't see me around that she was hoping I snapped and got fired. I was astonished at her cruel remarks, but then smiled, walked up to her and said 'I'm still in your head!' She shut right up after that and I smiled for the rest of the day. Oh and I saw Gene Simmons and had a discussion about the economy. =)
  6. Now that they canned Millen, their losing ways will change. Oakland however, can't seem to kill off Al Davis. Plus I'm a Chargers fan, I can't stand the Raiders.
  7. A little boy took his parents to court because he did not want to live with them anymore. The honored Judge said to him, "So why don't you want to live with your Dad?" "Because he beats me," said the little boy. "Why don't you want to live with your Mother then?" asked the Judge. "Because she beats me as well." "Oh," said the Judge "Well who would you like to live with then?" The little boy replied, "I would like to live with the Oakland Raiders because they don't beat anyone."
  8. As long as they can't fuck up your career or spread gossip that can fuck up your career, you're cool. Hell, I can't get fired from my job unless I seriously do some extremely fucked up thing, even a DUI wouldn't get me canned(not that that's happened yet, knock on wood)
  9. OMFGitsTheBee

    On Monday...Naughty President.

    Newcomer what, new guy?
  10. OMFGitsTheBee

    Lisa Sparxxx NCG episode

    I couldn't see you as a cowboy Christian, despite you being from Texas. Maybe a Mexican Bandit....ooh I just got an idea for a scene!
  11. OMFGitsTheBee

    On Monday...Naughty President.

    Haven't really been on too much, work has been hell. Will look at how to pimp out my bedroom access(oh that sounds odd). I guess it's my fault. They blamed Nam on me too, and I wasn't even born yet. =(
  12. OMFGitsTheBee

    Lauren hooters outfit

    Twas a great friday, now I go back to working cases the entire weekend.
  13. To each their own. I fully support anyone that can make it work to their advantage or work it out between the two(or more). I tried it and it went horribly, maybe it was just the broad(no offense ladies) herself, but it was way too much drama. So why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, or at a decent price? We are in a recession you know.
  14. I indirectly dated someone that works at an area where I sometimes work, she was one psychotic bitch. I would try to be inconspicuous at her work and she would try for public displays of affection(while I'm in uniform!), which is a big no-no. Our first date, she didn't think was big because the tab wasn't over $500 and she wanted me to buy her a $400 dollar Gucci purse. Thank goodness I got my rocks off and bailed, she was just twisted as hell. What a waste, she has a nice body and great ass, just psycho.