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  1. Emilie Davinci / Gia Paloma

    dnothing, I deleted your pics and links to other sites because as GB3535 stated, we don't allow pics or links to competitor's sites or pornographic material. Thank you for cooperation in sticking with our guidelines.
  2. Hairless Pussies

    DWB, I totally forgot about that and my neighbors reminded me. I am totally crying right now. :laugh:
  3. Hairless Pussies

    YES!!! That means I too am going to be waxing something. :laugh:
  4. All morning? you've only been here 5 minutes. :laugh:
  5. My porno file is called "watch out computer...here I cum!" It's on my hard drive.
  6. Mother and child booted off airplane...

    what would be funny is, if you got up and started to do the dance like your avatar does in the aisle just after take off. Then you start in with the "bye bye" thing.
  7. Mother and child booted off airplane...

    I would love to see this. Although you saying "bye bye plane" won't carry the same cute charm. You will sound like a lunatic terrorist.
  8. Naughty America T-shirts

    Well put it on! I wear one every day under my dress shirt.
  9. DWB, first off, How ya doin? Second, what do you think about the Mariners right now? Good baseball or lucky?
  10. LADirect Girl of the Month

    I couldn't agree more! And you looked equally as hot in your black dress at ELA.
  11. New

    Welcome a message board! geez, what a lame joke!
  12. Check out Dana DeArmond's blog! :)

    I'm tuned in!
  13. Check out Dana DeArmond's blog! :)

    Yeah...post office, Robeks, and haircuts. We want to hear about all that stuff but we want to know what you're wearing while you're doing it. just kidding:D ...a little.
  14. MILF Trailer - What do you think?

    I do agree with you however each person finds beauty in different things. It is a subjective term but modified by the person using it, wouldn't you agree?
  15. Woman sues porn Star over name.

    A long time ago I would use an acquaintance's name whenever cops would bust up a kegger. This one time in particular a buddy of mine, knowing what my go-to name was, used it before I could. This got a grin from everyone around us but when they got to me, I used my buddy's name.