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  1. I was browsing through the web today and found out a girl that I knew in high school did a few playboy shoots. What do you think? She's a little thin for my taste. My link
  2. Anyone know of any nude motorcycle rides anywhere in the USA? I know there are definitely some out there but I can't seem to find any. I have been wanted to do this for a couple of years now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Siciliano

    Hey you LURKERS!

    Shit, I just realized I joined NA over 6 years ago. Time flies by way too quickly.
  4. Wish I would have known that an hour ago but oh well. I see the PCC Elite are still thinking they are better than other members around here. Some things never change.
  5. I can't believe I just read 18 pages of this thread and learned almost nothing of what is going on with Tex. And on a side note, this is the year of the Cubs.
  6. Siciliano

    Trouble Logging In?

    Thanks for the response. I didn't see any threads open about it yet. At least I'm not the only one having trouble. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  7. I was just wondering if anyone is having trouble logging into their Naughty America account. I keep getting a Login:Error:1 message when logging in. Cleared cache and tried a different browser already. I am trying to get in to watch Live with Lauren.
  8. Siciliano

    how about My Friend's Hot Sister

    When I read his post, I thought maybe this was an old thread. Then I saw the date.
  9. Siciliano

    Sadie FUCKIN West!!!!

    And for those of you in Chicago, I just found out that Sadie West and Ashlynn Brooke will be at Sexpo in Chicago on April 28th.
  10. Siciliano

    Sadie FUCKIN West!!!!

    Sadie West is fucking awesome. I think she is a little nutty but she has some awesome scenes. Any word on when the Sadie West with Live with Lauren update will be online?
  11. Live with Lauren being made shorter and starting later.
  12. Siciliano

    Laura aka @naughtylaurad or Sexy L

    I was in total shock this morning. I signed into Live with Lauren to get a peek of Lauren's cleavage for the day and I find out Laura was leaving the company. Huge bummer.
  13. I've been good. Been doing a lot of working and drinking lately. Yourself?
  14. Bree Olsen is coming to town as a feature performer at the Admiral Theatre in 2 weeks.