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  1. Mia Malkova


    What you got a stepfather/brother you wanna shag? Are they fat and have droopy man boobs???
  3. Mia Malkova

  4. Zoe Voss

    That's a shame.
  5. He'll just imagine s(he) has a penis. Probably did a lot of that at Austin Peay. Hot coeds with dangling dicks... oh, yeah....

    NA doesn't give a fuck about you either. Those offers are just trying to get more of your money. They are still going to make a profit off you, just not as much, but something is better than nothing. It's called capitalism. It's really basic shit....
  7. She's slow, dude. I ain't even lying. She's disabled... what we used to call retarded until the PC police raided society.

    No one here gives a shit about you, dude.
  9. I already knew that. But that only partly explains why you are such a fuckin' loser.
  10. Loser can't even manage to kill himself.
  11. I DON'T want to do any of that. Are you saying I'm gutless??? Well, then, fuck you.
  12. Abella/Bella Danger

  13. Chloe Addison

  14. Molly Jane

    Of course, I have liked what I have seen elsewhere.
  15. Coralyn jewel

  16. Alexis Rodriguez aka miss rican

  17. Jessica Roberts

    Fair enough.
  18. Jessica Roberts

    Siri looks fit though. This one looks like she should hit the gym a bit (mostly for toning her gut somewhat). Not saying she is BBW material, far from it. Just saying she has extra meat on her. Siri doesn't imo.
  19. Jezabel Vessir

  20. Jezabel Vessir

    Like I said before, I knew she'd start taking the dick proper like. Time to get her done, NA.
  21. Has the porn industry become stagnant?

    10, 15, shit, 20 times is being generous, very generous. He's had at least three separate accounts just here and under each one claimed he would stop posting multiple times but didn't. Hell, there was one time he said he would leave and was back within the same day. That's cuntish behavior.
  22. Has the porn industry become stagnant?

    See what you did, Mitza, see what you did....
  23. Samantha Rone