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  1. No I haven't been contacted by NA in a while....so you guys need to get on them about that! Sorry for the time that I was not around but I was talking to myself there for a bit so I took a break from this forum But never fear I am always watching and reading.....lol I just shot with Vivid for the first time in 9 years for a parody so keep an eye out for me on a Vivid box coming soon!!
  2. I don't have anything that is similar to that sorry
  3. I think it would be cool to add a fully interracial site...and make it to fit both the ones that want more black girls and the ones like me that would love to see some black male talent here as well....it would serve to fit both....but I would like to say that I would love to come back and reprise Ms. Cannon....I tell you what I don't go a week without hearing about her....I don't think that at any point I ever thought that it would be such a hit...and all because someone had just shot using a similar name to mine....lol I want to let CX3 know that I admire his dedication as a director to find out what you guys want to see and making it a reality...so a big thumbs up to you Christian! I love ya NA!
  4. Just checking in and making sure that you guys are doing ok! New auctions if you wanna check them out https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,30265 https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,30266 Happy Bidding and keep telling them you want me on NA....the fans get what they ask for
  5. I just put up 2 new auctions today... Go and get my sexy thong and my glass dildo https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,30087 https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,30088
  6. Lisa! U Look Amazing Hot in your picture btw

    Love Ya! Dallas

  7. Lisa Sparxxx

    Married/Committed Porn stars

    I am married for 15 years....my hubby runs the website but is not a performer!
  8. You can totally use my photo....just make sure you tell everyone about my auctions and the www.Vote4Lisa.com to write me in....thanks sweetie!!
  9. Today is the final day to bid on my #69 Football costume....you can place a bid and get a piece of me at home https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,29626 I also am proud to announce that I have gone mobile! Now you can take me with you even if you are not near your pc...if you already have a membership your current user name and pw will work when you log in from you phone to mobile.lisasparxxx.com if you not a member yet you can sign up either way and have the same access....from your phone and your pc So if you don't have a membership already what are you waiting for....go get one!
  10. Well let them know and if you keep asking they will call me and book some scenes....thanks for watching!!
  11. Lisa Sparxxx

    My First Sex Teacher: Stale?

    Man you guys are so creative....I think maybe making it a flight attendant training and make it seem to be the mile high club....lol just a thought since I have not become a member of that club because those bathrooms are just too damn small...lol
  12. Lisa Sparxxx

    Request for Live

    Hey there let me know when I can come back out and laugh my head off with you...lol miss you guys!!
  13. I haven't shot for NA in almost a year so I think we need to tell them being me back....lol a little MFST or MFHM....lol or anything for that matter....my last scene was not my best....and I want the chance to give you guys the hotness your used to
  14. Lisa Sparxxx

    My First Sex Teacher: Stale?

    I think we need to see another MFST with Ms. Cannon back again....she's been mia for several years and needs to make a resurrance...lol
  15. Sorry I haven't been on here for a while...but I have some cool new things I am doing and one is selling some of my older and most seen clothes from some of your favorite scenes.... visit https://abibids.com/index.php/page,AuctionDetails/pid,29727 and check out my furry boots and get them while they are still available