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  1. kennychavez


    Dear NA, now would be a good time to release updates for 2 weeks maybe .. please
  2. kennychavez

    Ashly Anderson

    would love to see her as an intern or an office colleague [Naughty Office] .. she looks amazing !!
  3. kennychavez

    India Summer

    maybe it's a temporary thing .. a blonde phase .. Still the scene is great she's still the same according to me .. would love to see her get a lil more aggressive though at NA .. that brings her best
  4. kennychavez


    Maybe they have a lineup of scenes that fit the tastes of those who are complaining and decided to tease us by not posting the updates ... maybe? lol
  5. kennychavez

    India Summer

    Oh man, I love that scene .. a reason I keep begging NA to do more Naughty Office scenes with India .. My other favorites of hers include: the Naughty Weddings one, one with Johnny Castle where he tells her that she appears in his dreams, one with Diamond Jackson and Bill Bailey. I also like the one James Deen, wherein he blackmails her about their affair .. One with Isiah Maxwell and Alex Jones Somehow scenes where things are a bit aggressive bring out the best out of her .. but I love every scene of hers .. hair color .. ah well, have to be happy in this VR era with whatever that comes our way ..
  6. kennychavez

    India Summer

    I totally understand your point .. I kinda missed her brunette days but somehow we gotta admit, she never got the credit due for being a lean brunette when the industry is all about big tits and blondes .. I am happy that India did not go under the knife at least .. blonde .. well, she's still the same person with the same sexual energy and I get the feeling maybe she will return to being brunette .. maybe not .. her wish .. as long as she does scenes for NA, works out for me .. and would be grateful if it's not VR lol hehe
  7. kennychavez


    well, in this part of the globe maybe I know .. few hours ahead .. side panel of the website always shows what scenes will be out for at least the given day before it's released .. just hours before it's released, it is shown .. trailer will not be available but yeah, one can see it ..
  8. kennychavez

    India Summer

    happy to see that India as a blonde will be featured on Sunday for MFHM .. hope to see her more across other website genres as well .. cheers NA ..
  9. kennychavez


    happy to see India Summer lined up for Feb 25th thank you NA
  10. kennychavez


    might as well rename this place as "Naughty Virtual America" IF this is actually the direction it's going in .. Hope I am wrong ..
  11. kennychavez


    Ariella Ferrera, Richelle Ryan and Eva Long in a scene together? Wow but VR .. ah well .. sigh
  12. kennychavez


    there's a banner on the site for Alexis Fawx's MFHM scene that is out on Feb 2nd, it has a tag/caption called "Blacked Out Edition" .. is this just for this scene or do we have a sub-series based on this? In short, are there any MILFs who will be joining the "Blacked Out Edition"? A Yes or No answer would suffice
  13. kennychavez


    that actually was a pretty decent scene. Wished we could learn the reason why it isnt on the site anymore? Is it a technical thing or just NA Brand driven decision?
  14. kennychavez


    "you're better than your sister" - that is a MFST scene with Lezley Zen and James Deen Seducing a female student, actually a newbie at work, it's a Naughty Office scene with Lexi Bardot .. Don't think it's there on the NA site anymore ..
  15. kennychavez

    Lisa Ann

    will she make a comeback here at NA? big question indeed .. waiting