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  1. ahh got to love good girls going bad. hell, if you were a disney star, wouldn't you want to be bad too?
  2. it's a great show! anna is a good canadian girl and an oscar winner to boot, so we know she's a good actress. i never thought she'd show skin either so was shocked when she did. hey, it was for a good cause as for bill playing wii, i thought that was hilarious.
  3. i like ther alternative style of making scenes, but my only concern is that it will be overused. by making it a site of its own, the scene style won't be so overused and remain fresh and hot. the last couple weeks, i've thought it's been way overused and until that alexis texas scene i WAS getting bored of it. one or two updates a week of that style will be enough.
  4. rubber

    girl on girl

    isn't this what a certain someone was asking before to then take from a downloading site? seems kind of fishy to be asking if you're a member.
  5. rubber

    lorena sanchez

    Noooooooo!!! my porn world is so much sadder now.
  6. awesome pics lauren. i know i'm a bit late, but better late than never right? cute costume. seems as if you like playing with the same accessories every guy wants to play with too :laugh:
  7. rubber

    Week of November 3-7

    gianna lynn! awesome scene. as soon as i saw it was alex gonz in the scene with her i laughed. i knew the scene would get trashed by the alex gonz hating contigent.
  8. rubber

    Week of November 3-7

    i actually really liked both scenes (lexi and rebeca) neither male performer hurt the scenes for me. i thought it was pretty funny how lexi blew him off. hell, i would beg for lexi too! and rebeca's scene was pretty comical at first too. taking away her reward but then saying she's a valued employee and telling her to have a nice day. i loved it when she crawled up on the desk. so hot.
  9. Rubber, pllease visit and Vote Stocker / Firemedic in the NCC Election Thread by clicking here. Thank you :D

  10. i thought the grudge was unsettling. especially when the ghost came up in that women's bed. made my bed seem a lot less safe also have to agree with the descent. that was creepy. natalie mendoza though was awesome. so hot! her fight scenes were vicious. poltergeist stands out in my mind as incredibly scary. probably because i saw it when i was young. the girl in front of the tv and that stupid clown under the bed. it made watching that one Styx music video difficult lol
  11. rubber

    Finally, Africa Photos!

    those pictures are amazing. definitely agree on the pro star rating. it's funny you even got some pornographic shots there too. the sunset shot was beautiful.
  12. rubber

    Screen Grabs from Staff Chat

    you both looked good to me :blush:
  13. rubber

    Week of November 3-7

    looks like it will be a great week. lexi belle is my superstar, but gianna lynn, brynn tyler and ahryan astyn stand out as well.