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    Then what is the story?

    Then what is the story?
  3. Other social media sites took over.
  4. https://www.gofundme.com/tommy-gunn-helping-hand-fund

    Not happening soon.

    Great. There were technical problem. I know you were probably looking forward to it, but it's not coming out. It happens once in a while. It's not possible.

    There's lots of things that could of happened. But they have not said what happened so we don't know if it was a technical issue or something else like maybe they shot it at a place they were not allowed to. Who knows. This is just an example. Maybe they hadn't edited it yet when they announced it for the updates. And when they went to edit it the audio was f'd up.

    It would be easier if you weren't a "one trick".
  9. Where is Johnny Castle?

    Could be that he has a better relationship with their crews. Could be that he is signed to a contract. Can't beat gauranteed work. He was performing in the scenes he was directly previously. Christian did the same thing when he was producing.
  10. Laura would be viscous to DB posters.
  11. No. I just said you were one of the reasons this place sucks now. No it does. It has sucked for years now. Someone like you would of been roasted by the old members, and the staff as well. But that all changed around the "NA Live years" when you sensitive posters started coming on here. Grow a set already.
  12. You are exactly one of the reasons why this forum sucks.
  13. Website/Video/file issues

    Just log in and go to her page. If you can't find the videos there then they may of been removed for a variety of reasons and won't be coming back. But personally I don't remember seeing the videos you are speaking of.