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  1. I'm viewing the new video on my end without a problem but we're working on it so that you can download the latest copy.
  2. Sharkb8

    Downloading Live Show Archive

    You guys can download Live videos. Please let me know of any issues.
  3. Sharkb8

    Downloading Live Show Archive

    Just wanted to let you guys know that we're working on download-able Live shows. They will be available next Monday so brace yourself until then. No pun intended.
  4. asthil, you don't have to fill out that form because we've identified the issue with that particular file. Sorry about that.
  5. Aw, thanks man. Yea, I totally understand how people feel because I go through the same thing when I have tech issues. It's nice to know that there's someone keeping you in mind behind a computer screen.
  6. Asthil, please fill out this form. Just click on the link and at the end of the form use 8917 as your ticket number. Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be happy to walk you through it.
  7. Sharkb8


    Our system doesn't support downloaders of any type. It'll timeout if no activity is detected by the user and there's a cap for the amount of files you can download in a day. I hope you understand.
  8. We fixed the files so please download it at your convenience and let us know if you have any further issues with these files.
  9. Thank you for letting us know about these files. We are fixing it and I'll let you know as soon as they're fixed.
  10. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    Thank you for letting us know.
  11. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    Please take your time and let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    Don't be sorry because it's a valid question. What that form does is help us determine what's going on with your connection. Like going to the doctor so he can check your temperature and such. In this case, we're checking out your connection and other things. I hope that helps.
  13. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    Could you do me a big favor and fill out this form. Let me know once you're done so I can proceed with it.
  14. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    What you can do is copy and paste the url from the scene. For instance, our latest scene with Chayse Evans: http://members.naughtyamerica.com/scenes/chayse-evans3/5206/? Let me know which ones you're having issues with and I'll look into it.
  15. Sharkb8

    cant not watch downloads

    Hey Lee, Sorry to hear that man. I will certainly walk you through this. Which particular file is giving you this issue? Downloading pics should not take you forever. Are you downloading the zipped images?