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  1. when are you gonna bring rachel starr back for another NA scene. there hasn't been a new scene of her in a while. also what happened to the live chats with the celebrity pornstars

  2. If anyone actually wants to take a look at what I'm doing, I've got a beta version of the code running:




    If no one has a G1 to run it on, you should be able to go to developer.android.com to download the emulator and run it on that.

  3. fusion

    Na live

    ^^ Thx bro for posting that link and additional info. Very helpful...
  4. fusion

    Monday Fun-Day!

    I've always loved (among other things of course) those lower-back dimples some women have. Ugh
  5. fusion

    Na live

    Hi Again, The flash 9.x plugin does work EXCEPT for the very oldest versions/revisions of 9. This goes for both Mac and PC. We have Macs and PCs here with the latest revision from Adobe of version 9 and it works just fine. So does 10 (for both Mac and PC). Sadly your machine must just be too old (as you've stated) to even use the latest revision of flash 9... Unless you can somehow get the very latest revision of 9 installed OR get 10 (ie. new machine) you are SOL sadly
  6. Cool. Yeah, again, wish I could help. But, I will discuss this with the dev. crew and see what we can come up with. I know we did have RSS feeds of updates etc. I will check and see if anything we have can help ya...

  7. Would be really cool if you did, but I can understand why you don't. I'll keeping working on it with the data I have (collected by hand), seeing if I can get a good interface pounded out of it. I haven't really decided what I'm going to do with it when I'm done, though.

  8. Hey. Sadly we do not offer a public API to our content/DB. Sorry!!

  9. Hmm, strange. You should still be able to play. Even with FF 2.x and even a relatively modern flash plugin. Let me dig a bit more and see what I can come up with...
  10. Hey! Try upgrading to the latest version of the flash plugin for your browser. Head over here for the update (if you need it): http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Other than flash plugin you just need a decent browser like Safari or FireFox. Let me know how it goes... Umm, looks kinda scary to me. LOL. No way in hell am I sticking my dick into that crazy sandpaper conveyer belt thingy. :ohmy:
  11. Hey, I'm trying to work on a Google Android app for Naughty America, and was wondering if I would be able to get some data from you guys to help populate a database for it?

  12. fusion

    first forums page

    Thx! Good lookin'. Passing this along now...
  13. fusion

    Out on the town:)

    Great pics! Everyone lookin' good ;-)
  14. fusion

    TrustWatch Site Report

    Still trying to figure out who to contact. We do not have comcast out here so I cannot actually see the "error". Of course this is just a mistake and once I figure out who to contact it will be taken care of. Thx again guys...