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    Tori Black

    I haven't started a brand new request in a while so here goes nothing. I request TORI BLACK to shoot some more scenes. I love her she's the total package. Smokin, Smokin, and SMOKIN! http://www.ladirectmodels.com/view.php?id=89&gender=female
  2. Just wondering about what your thoughts are on this http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/11/christy-mack-war-machine-photos-injuries-broken-bones-porn-star/ I always thought Warmachine was a shady character but this is an ultimate low for anyone to act like this.
  3. I found another sexy video this is for all those ass lovers out there Tujamo - Booty Bounce
  4. Great performance by Drew Hutchison and The Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium.
  5. The internet has made all types of porn fetish niches readily accessible to the public, not surprised that these niche scenes are going mainstream.
  6. Go Go Power Rangers!!!! Would definitely like to see a more serious and dark take on the Power Rangers very cool short. Looks like youtube has pulled that particular upload off the site so here is another link April O'Neil went crazy on twitter after watching this on youtube I guess she's a fan
  7. ATDizzle Some of the guys from across the pond chopper LA Z Boy bigalownz
  8. An older tune but a goodie SANDRO SILVA & QUINTINO - Epic and finally the SEXY VID DAVID TORT & ABEL RAMOS FEAT NICK MARSH - Getting Heavy
  10. Thought I would resurrect this thread since I've been listening to so much music the past couple of weeks, also hoping for some more participation on the boards. Going to post a few of my current favourites plus one that has a sexy video ****Note, I listen mostly to electronic music but I generally like most types***** First EVA SHAW - Space Jungle (Showtek Edit) BEN GOLD FEAT CHRISTINA NOVELLI - All or Nothing
  11. Great pic of Chanel Preston and of course fellow canuck Nikki Benz
  12. The famous NCC quote PICS OR IT DID NOT HAPPEN!! Hopefully you had a good time at the expo
  13. This was in news a while back apparently someone complained about how Julia treated the young girls in the ad, ie the pushing and the food in the face. So the ad was not approved to air by the CRTC. On a related note Ashley Madison ads were also pulled in their print media form, from subways, buses and streetcars. Again a complaint about how it promotes infidelity.
  14. MAX PUG

    No more trailers?

    For now you can view the trailers from the homepage don't log in.
  15. .If it happens in a scene I watch so be it but, these type of scenes are not my cup of tea. I don't go actively looking and watching for golden showers.
  16. I hoping they throw the book at this clown, and that they put him away for a long time.
  17. MAX PUG

    Vintage NA Friends Mom

    NA have removed scenes due to non compliance and poor quality. Many of which are some of the very first scenes posted up Non compliance meaning not having proper records of scenes published on the website
  18. Keep your head up, I also had to move back home during rough times. I totally agree with Christian have to keep at it and you will push through. Just going to throw this out here, In Canada the government has programs which sponser citizens to work outside of the country wondering if the US does the same. Could be an option.
  19. Late to the party once again, very nice pics. They turned out very good. Have to say Lexi Belle & Dillion Harper looking very DELICIOUS!
  20. MAX PUG

    For the first time since 2009

    I've also been tight with money recently, but see some light at the end of the tunnel. One of the reasons I haven't been on the boards. Hard to discuss NA when you are unable to view the content. I would help out if I could but Canadian currency has seen a drop lately so for one 1 Canadian dollar I will get back 90 cents American
  21. I talking more about the scenes roughly in the same time frame that NA started to have DVD quality vids for download circa 2006-2007. Like the Penny Flame H1on1
  22. Welcome Back! Andreas Would like to see more of the older scenes remastered, those classic scenes were the reason most of us signed up for NA to begin with. I'm also one of the few on here that would like to see some more G/G scenes And like most on here we need some more black women. Is NA merch still available? My NA T-shirt is starting to crumble
  23. I think Afflecks' success with the movie Argo has put him in the forefront, time will tell if he will be a decent Batman/Bruce Wayne. We also have to remember that this role is for the sequel to Man of Steel. I doubt there will be much screen time maybe a few clips here and there. My opinion is that the studio is working on a Justice League movie and is starting to sign up some big name actors to be part of it. Just like with Iron Man getting the ball rolling for The Avengers.