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  1. not as big as it used to be after one of my external hard drives ate shit. Still have most of my classic NA stuff though thankfully.
  2. clever_name

    Natasha Nice

    ha, it was actually ynot following me on twitter that reminded me of the graveyard.
  3. sorry but the brought back flashbacks of AEE.
  4. clever_name

    Natasha Nice

    she is absolutely as gorgeous as ever.
  5. Current active favorites Natasha Nice(hey CXXX ) Lisa Ann Kelly Divine Madison Ivy Gracie Glam
  6. clever_name

    from what movie comes this gif

    yeah but how much does he bench when your riding him?
  7. We are more like to see Aspen Stevens return.
  8. clever_name

    Ok I'll take the bait

    sorry ive been at monday already mentally cause of a long work week.
  9. clever_name

    Ok I'll take the bait

    $10 says there's an unforeseen delay and it doesn't launch *tuesday.*
  10. clever_name

    Ok I'll take the bait

    with only 1 expected delay. A new record for NA.
  11. clever_name

    I really have to say something..

    So if Shel were to comeback and say "Haha just kidding it was all CXXX" are you going to change your tune again and say we should all thank CXXX? I havent kept up with NA or NCC since about November/December of last year so I cant comment on the quality as of late.
  12. I can imagine Nancy Grace getting ready to sink her teeth in this case.