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  1. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    As soon as they're ready to have me back .. I'm there I tried to contact them to let them know I'll be out that way in a week and a half but didn't hear back
  2. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    I'm glad you like them! Now to have my own pussy molded!!
  3. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    No one's said anything so no idea if you're voting or not for me at: http://www.orgasm.com/orgasm-girl/ lol ... but here's the FREE vid compilation that was shared for voting for me: http://wildmanxxx.tumblr.com/ Charlee Please take a second & VOTE! No email address is needed! It's fast & free!
  4. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    Hey everyone!! I hope you've liked my most recent vids for Naughty America (MyFirstSexYTeacher - Magic Class AND MyFriendsHotMom - with my big 80's styled do!) I hope to be back shortly! If you want to see more of me, make sure to let them know!! The more you tell them you want to see me, the faster they'll try to get me back! I'm entered into a contest ... and I could really use your help! Please VOTE Charlee Chase at: http://www.orgasm.com/orgasm-girl/ I'm throwin up LOADS of pics on twitter AND ... if I get 5,161 votes (1,000 more than I had at the time I posted it) by 8:30 PM (EST) tomorrow night ... a producer I just shot with Friday will post a FREE 2 minute long video compilation video for scenes just shot & not even released yet!!! http://www.orgasm.com/orgasm-girl/ Charlee Chase XOXO
  5. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    Thank you! I love shooting for them! Any time they'd like to have me back, I'm all for it! The more I'm requested by fans, the more likely they are to have me back, so request away! Charlee XOXO
  6. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    I'm glad you are enjoying the new scenes!! I've been having SO much fun with Naughty America!! I'll be LIVE on cam in about 30 minutes today ... from my bathtub! Getting wet, getting sudsy & getting naughty! Hope to see you there! Charlee XOXO
  7. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    I'm not sure when they'll be released, but recently shot another scene for MyFriendsHotMom and one for SeducedByACougar I hope you all have a fantastic Holiday season filled with naughtiness! Charlee Chase XOXO
  8. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    I'll be flying out to LA next Wednesday - Saturday night! My plan was to go out there to attend AdultCon ... but looks like I'll be keeping myself VERY busy shooting while I'm there. I'm shooting two new scenes for Naughty America (YAY!) as well as a BJ scene for another company and 4 more B/G scenes for other companies. I'm going to be one fucked milf! But, I'll also be attending AdultCon while I'm NOT shooting ... most likely Friday (daytime) and possibly Saturday (shortly) in the afternoon depending on what time my morning shoot ends. I hope to see some of you there! I'll post my schedule on Twitter as well as on my site (http://www.CharleeChaseLive.com) as I know it for certain! Charlee Chase XOXO
  9. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    Hope to see you there!! I'm live every Monday at noon (EST) .. and my camshows get archived too ... for those who miss them live! Charlee XOOX
  10. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    Thank you love! I will be shooting two more scenes for Naughty America next week and I can't wait! I have no idea which sites yet, but I'll let you know when I know! Charlee XOOX
  11. charleechase

    Charlee Chase

    Thank you very much! Charlee XOXO
  12. Hey everyone! Looks like my new scene for http://www.MyFirstSexTeacher is due to come out tomorrow! I hope you all like it! I recently had another scene released on MyFriendsHotMom.com with Kris Slater and I had SO much fun! I hope to be able to come back again soon! Stopping by to say hello and let you know I'm now a part of the Vette Nation Army (VNA for short) ... and my website is now live! http://www.CharleeChaseLive.com I'm doing live camshows every Monday from 12pm-1pm (EST) I hope to see you there! Can't stop by and say hello without showing my tits, so here they are! Let me know what you think of the new scene! Charlee Chase XOXO