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  1. Channels? WTF is this all about

    NA's crack team of experts seems to think its a good idea to make their advertising intrusive to site navigation. Newsflash....it isnt.
  2. Pegging

    Appreciate the fact that you still care, despite the staffs dramatically decreased interaction with fans over the years.
  3. Pegging

    Okay.....he gave no indication that he was being sarcastic, so I answered it as if it was a serious question. NA already produces some gay content IIRC, so its not a far fetched notion. And I dont give a shit if they produce gay content....or pegging content.....or pretty much any other niche content (within reason)....but the base NA site should not veer too far from the path that got them to where they are. Im not saying they cant branch out a bit, but in an effort to reach more people, you risk alienating your core audience. Thats what I think is happening with the ever increasing VR content. NA has like what....2 or 3 SEPARATE VR sites, and now 1/3 of their scenes on the main site is VR.....I think they are driving away some of their core audience, which isnt a smart idea. They seemingly did this a couple other times and it didnt pay off for them and ultimately had to return to their old formula. Things like more VR and more anal is one thing.....but if they started posting gay/pegging content MIXED IN with the regular content, it would be a laughably dumb decision IMO. Either way, its their decision to make. This isnt the first time I left NA based on their "new direction", although Ive always returned to being a regular customer. I dont know if thats the case this time. They may have "jumped the shark".
  4. Pegging

    If you have it in a completely separate section where you have to click on it to see anything....so be it. If you start mixing it in with the regular stuff and Im forced to see previews of gay porn, Im done here. Gay guys need their porn too, and thats fine. If you want to create a site for them....power to ya. If you start 1) showing gay content mixed with regular content, and 2) start replacing straight scenes with gay scenes.....then youll never get my business again. Bottom line.....NA can dabble in whatever niche they want, but if the gay and pegging stuff starts getting mixed in with the regular content, you;re going to lose ALOT of customers....myself included.

    It really is going downhill fast. They are basically turning their backs on alot of the fans that stuck with them for years. The only hope is that they have had spells like this in the past where they seemingly tried to go a somewhat different direction, but ultimately had to return to what they did best. My current membership ends this week. Its the last time I will be subscribing to NA in awhile Lately, there are only like 5 videos a month I am really interested in on here. Simply not worth it anymore....even at a reduced rate. Not with them adding more VR constantly, the male talent lately being laughably mediocre and the scenes in general not being special whatsoever. Bottom line....if some people enjoy NA's current direction....power to them. Ive been with NA since the beginning and maybe its time to move on for good. Dont watch porn as much as I used to anyway, and there are too many other sites doing it better nowadays.
  6. Pegging

    If NA does pegging, they damn well better keep it on one of their separate specialty sites. I can accept that people have different porn tastes than me, but the moment NA starts putting stuff like that on their MAIN site is the day NA loses me as a customer forever. There are too many other options out there and NA is already moving away from what made them great to begin with.

    I failed to account for todays scene....so 7....but overall, I just havent been impressed with NA for awhile, and their continued shift towards more VR scenes isnt helping.

    Wow....all this shit talking reminds me of the old days on here. First of all, samuaibob....IIRC, you were attacking others for NOT liking VR....so whining about others attacking you for liking it is pretty stupid. Secondly, I think Jonmon22 might just be samuraibob posting from a 2nd account. Could be wrong, but I wouldnt be shocked. Third, while Im happy for all the VR fans out there.....I just cancelled my membership as well. 12 scenes this week that I see....4 are VR, 1 is a remaster...1 is on a completely different fucking website that NA for some fucking reason puts on their main site. So actually, 11 scenes - 4 VR - 1 Remaster = 6 regular scenes, and usually, only one or two are good. NA has fallen in a major way. Some may like the new direction. I dont. Ill go back to doing what I did before.....join for a month every 6 months or so.
  9. So many douchebag trolls on that comments section....some being bible thumping fucktards claiming these pornstars are dying for their sins. Too many fucking idiots in this world, man. Way too many.
  10. Are you a man with a mild criticism of a female? Youre obviously a sexist and a misogynist, and if youre a white man, youre also likely a rapist. Are you are white person who simply doesnt find a black person attractive? Youre a disgusting racist. Blacks dont have to be attracted to whites....but if youre a white person who isnt attracted to every god damn minority person out there? You must be a fucking piece of shit racist. Dont think transgenders should get special treatment? You piece of subhuman shit!!! There are 12,000 genders....fuck science. You can wake up any given day and be whatever gender you want? Dont agree? You deserve to die. My fucking point is....social media is infested with digusuting humans from all walks of life, but social media, along with almost the entirety of the mainstream media is run by nutjob liberals who would never allow a gay person or a minority to be attacked so savagely, but they have no problem letting white people get bullied, especially if its in the name of bullshit virtue signaling from pathetic pieces of subhuman shit who just want to make it look like they are fighting a good fight. And for the record, I dont downplay August's mental issues in her taking her own life, but its always the same crowd doing the bullying these days in the bullshit name of social justice. I hate to bring politics into this, but again, the supposedly tolerant left, as always, proves once again to be the least tolerant of all. And no, Im not some far-right, woman beating white supremacist.....Im a moderate who absolutely loathes modern liberalism and everything it has devolved into.....such as attacking anyone and everyone who doesnt share your ideals.
  11. Kimmy Granger

    Is she actually back? I know she has had a few scenes pop up, but are they new or just scenes filmed before she quit?
  12. Playboy has been going downhill for a long time now. This is just another nail in the coffin.
  13. Making Ynot a mod is clearly what destroyed this place.
  14. Huge Disappointment

    We definitely need an entire thread for you to whine about a condom. Thanks.
  15. Brooke Sinclaire

    Just saw a scene of hers from RK. Extremely fucking hot, even if lacking a little energy. Would like to see her on NA... http://skyntalent.com/2065_Brooke-Sinclaire.html