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  1. AznTigerDude

    Consistent Tags Please!

    you annoy members, you asshat.
  2. its HOMOPHOBE, you fucking retarded faggot. KILL YOURSELF.
  3. you think everything you post is fact. 90% of the time, youre wrong. shut the fuck up already.
  4. youre never fucking concerned with something anymore once youre proven wrong. but before that, you were happy and willing to go back and forth. btw....didnt rodgers play in the league while farve was at some point? im not sure for how long but i know for a fact that for some years, farve and rodgers were both playing in the league at the same time. somebody look those numbers up for those years.
  5. AznTigerDude

    Dr. Ama=DRAMA

    that pansy looking fairy is too busy riding around NYC with speakers on the back of his scooter.
  6. thank you. you told him what he couldnt figure out from what i said. like i said...others have done those 2 things and havent gotten banned. you did those 2 things and did get banned. thats a hint that its because youre a douchebag. normal decent people get leniency. habitual dumbfucks do not get as long a leash.
  7. you dont NEED it. u WANT it. u dont NEED porn. u dont NEED to download every fucking scene u watch and save it. if you have no job, and cannot afford it, you adapt, adjust, and watch your porn without saving it to a HD. or you go back to your 20 other HDs that are full and im pretty sure you can find a few movies u havent watched in a while or dont watch anymore and u delete those to make room. live within your fucking means. i sure was hell WANT a lambo. i dont NEED one but i want one. but since i know i cannot afford it, i dont harp on that fact. i do what any sensible person would do. forget the lambo dream for now, snap back to reality, and go get a murano or go ride the damn bus. youre 20 something and a supposed graduate....and you dont have the common sense to prioritize whats important and whats not in your life? THATS what age has to do with it.
  8. AznTigerDude


    learn how to type so you dont have to go back and edit your posts less than a minute later. THANKS RETARD!
  9. and youre a fucking loser. a lame. a square. you cannot even afford a new external HD....how fucking old r u? its time to prioritize. stop being a porn obsessed know it all who doesnt know a damn thing and go get a fucking job. maybe if you put as much effort into improving your life and supporting yourself as you do typing paragraphs of bullshit on here thats wrong 90% of the time, then youd b able to have a consistant porn membership and the means to buy shit u want/need. mommys handouts doesnt fucking count.
  10. no assface, you were banned because youre an annoying little bitch with no life. ive seen people forget to provide the correct links when requesting, and they didnt get banned. others have made way more controversial topics than a rumor about lexi belles boobs....and they never got the ban hammer. you did though....because YOURE FUCKING DUMB AND ANNOYING.
  11. you know shit is serious when numbered lists are called into play......lol
  12. "She is not dead.....shes just not alive anymore! You took me out of context! You have no idea what youre talking about!" - franklins type of logic
  13. reading topics made by idiots like Franklin, totally diminishes our braincells.
  14. if you think that he is honestly smart enough to troll us like that, then you just got supertrolled by your brain. your brain tricked you into thinking that frankie is that smart. he doesnt know the full difference between male and female. he is serious. he is not kidding. he is that dense.