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  1. Ava Devine

    The girls on your list, Mike, are hot. I would blaze them myself. I would love a shot at Ava Devine. If the opportunity present itself I would not past it up.
  2. Ava Devine

    So she finally made the move out west.
  3. Ava Devine

    that bad huh? All you can do is live and learn.
  4. Ava Devine

    To bad that the business relationship couldn't work out. It was definitely a dream job come true.
  5. Ava Devine

    You going to go back to work for Vicky?
  6. Ava Devine

    do you talk to her on the regular? How is she doing?
  7. Ava Devine

    That's what's up Shadow. I would love to get down with Ava.
  8. Ava Devine

    Damn. lol. Hopefully she will make out to NY.
  9. Ava Devine

    Lucky you. lol. I heard she is from Long Island, NY. I would love to met her.
  10. Ava Devine

    That's cool. Are you looking to work with her too?
  11. Ava Devine

    Is she really that wild in person? How did you met her? I've seen some crazy flicks with her.
  12. Ava Devine

    That's cool. Hopefully things work out the way you want it. Do you know ava devine's e-mail address?
  13. Ava Devine

    Hey Mike, Things are good. What's up with you? I heard you back home.
  14. Ava Devine

    I've never try to send her an e-mail. I was going to but from what I'm hearing maybe that might be a waste of time if she doesn't respond to any of them. I know it most be hard to get to all of them. I guess I'll just wait for her to create another website. Does anyone know if she is touring the country? What is wrong with her? Someone mention she was sick.
  15. Ava Devine

    Does anyone know how I can contact Ava Devine via e-mail?