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    i don't mean to be a dick, but can we please just get back to this forum being about what it's supposed to be about, which is the updates??? i mean we are now going on 4 weeks without any new updates for upcoming scenes being posted and if we don't get any this week, what is the point to this forum even continuing to exist??? i could care less about all the drama that has unfolded with the pissing contest between the vr fans and the non-vr fans. you opinionated pricks have hijacked this thread and it is quickly going down the toilet and into the sewer. neither of you are wrong and neither of you are right and you are never gonna change the opinions of the other side, so what is the fucking point of it all??? just gimme back my updates forum, please!!!

    oh jordi, juan, ricky, just to name a few!!!

    at least he's better than the ones they got that look like amorphous 12-year old little boys with acne!!!

    all this drama got me like . . .

    here it is - enjoy!!! https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/india-summer-23835?nats=

    i actually like lexi luna too, but not with that little creep ricky spanish!!!
  7. Diamond Jackson

    eat more fiber. it helps keep me regular!!! no but seriously though, i'm with you. i just don't get what the whole v/r craze is about??? to me the scenes are pretty much the same, with all the same angles and very little dialogue, especially from the guy. but the people who swear by it, just can't get enough and so it's fast becoming a matter of supply and demand. i don't wanna be the "get off my lawn" guy, but unfortunately time marches on and technology is always improving and so therefore the demand for that increasing technology increases right along with it. just like 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, beta & vhs all went by the wayside, so too will our so-called "regular" format for porn eventually.
  8. Remastered episodes?

    not a judgement, but rather just an observation and a curious question as to why many of the remastered scenes are ones with the late billy glide in them??? is it because he is dead and therefore they wouldn't need to pay any royalties/residuals to him??? for some reason it just creeps me out when they show a scene again with someone who quite literally is no longer in the business and never will be again because they are dead!!!

    who is that???
  10. UPDATES!

    thanx nicole!!! i must say that the most interesting scene on this list has to be the one with danielle derek. after all, it's been 11 years since her last scene with n.a. came out. surely that has to be some kind of record??? are there any others who have been absent from n.a. for several years that you might be working on??? i would most certainly love to see one vanilla deville make a "cumback" sometime!!!
  11. silvia saige

    i concur!!!
  12. Holly West

    please "cumback" holly!!!
  13. Lisa Ann

    it would be nice!!! right now it looks as if she's keeping it all to herself on her own website and "onlyfans" site though. i would like to think she would want to promote herself more than that though, right???
  14. UPDATES!

    i guess the name of the game is "dependable male talent". as long as the guy doesn't fuck the scene up and negatively take away from the performance of the woman, or even makes her look even better and brings out the best in her, that's really all you can ask for. i'm just not really too keen on the recent trend of using really young looking male performers like jordi el nino polla, juan el caballo loco & ricky spanish. they look like 12-year old boys and with me being an old fucker, i just cannot relate to their scenes whatsoever and have actually taken to not even bother watching them now.
  15. UPDATES!

    actually i think there was a scene once where a guy did a cartwheel after fucking a woman. i think it was jeremey holmes after he fucked sophia mounds. https://tour.naughtyamerica.com/scene/mrs-mounds-222?nats=