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  1. Hello NA forum peeps!!! Naughty America is one of my most favorite companies to shoot for. I am so thoroughly ashamed to tell you all that I had no idea there was a forum on the site until today. (In my defense, dude, when you log into the site the "forum" button is basically microscopic!!!) A fan wrote me on tumblr and asked why I don't post on the site-specific forums, specifically the Naughty America one, since I post a lot on ADT and FreeOnes. "Oh, shit!" I said. So here I am!!! And I'm fucking thrilled to be shooting again for NA this month! Woohooooooo. I love you all.
  2. It would be awesome if NA members who actually like me would venture to leave a comment on my recent scene with Mr. Pete, because so far most of them are total assholes. What's with all the haters, dudes?
  3. According to the NA updates thread... my recent scene with Mr. Pete for ADD is going live next week! Yay! Squirting time
  4. Another scene in the can!! For My Girlfriend's Busty Friend, with Karlo Karrera.
  5. Guess what NA members? I've got a scene with Seth Gamble for American Day Dreams in the can... hopefully it's not too long before it goes live on the site.
  6. What are you thinking is photoshopped? If you're talking about the vampire photo that Vicky posted... nothing in there is photoshopped.
  7. how are you guys liking my new scene with Tyler Nixon?? :D:D
  8. My scene with Will was great! One of my favorite guys I've worked with, and we had excellent chemistry... don't know why Milffan is already dreading the scene when he hasn't seen it yet.
  9. Hey NA members! PLEASE take two minutes out of your day and vote for me for Best New Female Performer - America for THE GALAXY AWARDS. HOW TO VOTE: Go to http://thegalaxyawards.com/en/ click on VOTING at the top click on NOMINEES near the bottom left find my category of Best New Female Performer - America by scrolling down a bit and clicking on the box THIRD DOWN on the LEFT side. you must select me and three other girls to vote, ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and most importantly YOU MUST click the link that galaxyawards sends you via email! if you don't click the link to confirm your vote, then it will not count! Thanks and I appreciate it so much if you take a few minutes to vote for me! You have no idea how happy it would make me to win a contest like this.
  10. ^^ I wouldn't say there are few, but I am particularly, err, primed for working with Sean. I really do not handle girth well so I'm a bit picky there, but Sean looks perfect to me.
  11. Woohoo! Guess what? I shot a scene for Shel Black for "My Sister's Hot Friend" today! And recently I also shot for Naughty Office... So you all have 2 super hot boy/girl scenes cumming soon to the site! PS, I am hoping to shoot IR soon. My dream first scene would be with Sean Michaels.
  12. I was recently contacted by one of NA's directors so hopefully I'll have a new scene cumming soon!!! DP? I haven't even done anal yet! LOL. Speaking of which my first ever anal solo scene goes on my site on friday. Then I have a girl/girl anal coming out in a few months with Girl candy films... Then hopefully soon a boy/girl anal. But first I'd like to do my first IR scene. Still waiting for offers on that one.
  13. hi NA members!! I'm glad you all (well, AgentofChaos at least ;D) like my new red hair. And of course I would LOVE to shoot for NA again with my hot new hair color. It's been too long! That scene with Dayna was the last time I shot for NA... in November!!! I'm no longer with my old agent - I'm booking myself independently for now, so if any of the NA directors would like to hire me my email is bookings@siripornstar. Also you can check out my bookings page on my new blog. I wanted to let my fans here on the NA forum know that my first-ever membership site has officially launched today! check it out at siripornstar.com. Until July 24th I'm running a special sale price $19.95 membership (normally $24.95). I have a free weekly cam show on sundays at 4pm pacific time and I interact with members a lot on my section of the VNA forum. Check it out and let me know what you think! And here's to hopefully shooting for Naughty America again soon... has been and always will be one of my top favorite sites to work for.
  14. Unfortunately, no. I got sick the day before and had to cancel. They probably got a last-minute fill in since I haven't heard anything about a rescheduling. Sucks, because I was so excited to shoot for Shel Black again! Anyway, I am just looking forward to the next time I will get to shoot with any director for NA once again.
  15. Dayna Vendetta and Jordan Ash. Dayna is so beautiful and enthusiastic and I love sucking cock with her!!! She and I bonded outside of work too. We are frieeeeends now.
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    I just created my account here... I love you guys!!! :D:D